Lets shake it buddy...

I have never ever explored the applications of any service providers. Ironically, this was the first such attempt. Quite a selfish motive, I must accept. Aside from that, the television advertisement itself was very impressing, which stressed on the shake-n-surprise feature. One shakes to get eye-popping offers?

Actually, I have experienced this feature previously in a chatting app where we get introduced to a person from any part of the world with each shake. I was amazed after reading the description and started shaking my phone. One shake, along with the stinging sound of a coin, a message hovered over my screen Diane from UK is online. ‘Aww! It’s working,’ I thought and went for another round. Now the message stated Preeti Sharma from MP is online. Wow! This time I got an Indian, I was hallowed. After adding them, I went on further hunting. But, for my dismay the name appeared Kuppusamy from Chennai. This time it was profile picture as well. Good lord!

Alright, that was my first experience with shake-n-surprise feature, maybe the motives were different. And that was my initial thought after watching that advertisement of My Airtel App as well. Somehow I was motivated to download the App.

I was intrigued by its short and colourful tour, soon after entering the App. The colour code, swift-paced navigation, picturised messages, design and almost everything pleased my eyes. Most important of all is its features, which was beyond belief.

There are many features in this App but the three stand-out performers are as follows, which suit my lifestyle.

As soon as the registration is over, the first thing that was displayed in my home screen was the balance of my number. It was displayed right there. It has at least unchained me from bothering Mr. Google. Being a soon-to-be dementia patient I go to Google for anything and everything. Now, you are free sir, as my network has introduced a rather easier way of tracking the balance. Just below it was the data usage and bill of my Internet connection. They went on circulating and I simply enjoyed it.
Recharge your mobile on the go! Definitely a valuable feature for an avid traveller like me. It was very difficult as well as challenging to recharge while on travel. Spotting vendor is not an easy task. Imagine if you are in a forest, will you be able to find a vendor? I wish I could spot one. But this feature in this app made things more comfortable now. I don’t have to browse through the jungle in search of a vendor. Instead, I get a balance in just a click of a button. Sounds exciting right? Yes, it is!

While on travel, you experience another major problem that is network coverage. If you are on a jungle safari or wilderness experience, the least you get from your network is SOS message assistance. They may say ‘wherever you go, our network follows,’ but in reality except our shadow nobody else follows. In that case, I switch off my phone most of the time in order to save the battery. And there comes this app lending for patronage. With My Airtel App, it is now easy to activate or deactivate Missed Call Alerts, Caller tune and many more.  This is actually my personal favorite.

Apart from these three, there are features that help you to manage your Airtel DTH and Airtel broadband connection. You can set alerts for your usage. You will be notified when your usage exceeds the set limits.

My Airtel App just kept me busy for a while as I explored every nook and corner. For further information, visit
Lets shake it buddy... Lets shake it buddy... Reviewed by Gowthama Rajavelu on 14:43 Rating: 5


  1. That chatting shake sounds really interesting, which app is that?

    #MyAirtelApp is indeed awesome. It has all one can ask for.

    1. Ha Ha... WeChat had that feature Saru, but I am not using it right now.

  2. Now should i change to Airtel? Very lucrative narrative.

    1. Planning to change your network just by reading my article?! Greatest honour Ajai. Thank you very much.


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