Wanna be HAPPY - Manage TIME...!

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The early morning sunshine hits my face through the windows, not allowing me to open my eyes, which is already tired. And as I turn right to hide my face from the sunshine and grab a nap for some more time; it's my wife's glowing face. She is sleeping beside me, and that brings the true happiness and brightness for my day. We struggle to get over the sleep and start with our routine, on a daily basis. Anyway we are getting bored with our daily routine as it's the same thing we do every day.

Somehow, we fought-out the sleep and head towards Marina beach (second largest beach in the world) for our fitness routine (we call it so!). The rising sun, breezy wind with the essence of salty sea water & sand and the active walkers, especially the oldies brings a little smile in my face. It gives me a refreshing feel to start with my day in happier note.

As I head home, it's the race between time and me. Each time I try to race with time, I lose. That's when I realised one thing, time makes your moment. Yes, if you are sad, your time moves slow and when you are happy it moves fast. Is it a magic or something? Not at all, time gives you an opportunity of cherishing each and every moment.

So, I made Time my best friend and it proved to be a wise decision. As it brought Happiness to me. It's always the tiny moment that occur in a split second that brings the real happiness. Considering my monotonous schedule every day, I realised it's important to cherish every tiny things. Then, I found happiness in anything and everything happening around me.

Indulging myself in the cooking lessons with my wife, washing the dishes, spending time with the people who value me, taking a break from the regular routine, knowing about the people of my community and it goes on. The balance between the family and work life, if scheduled well can bring the happiness that can never be imagined.

Quality time spent in anything that nurtures my interest as well as benefits the development of my environment is one of the foremost thing that fills my life with happiness each day. And my new found interest of bird watching, turtle walk and trekking makes me appreciate the beautiful nature around me. The happiness they bring is hard to explain and they are meant to be experienced.

Wanna know about Turtle walk. Read this (

The quest to achieve happiness is simple and easy. Never try hard to be happy just follow where your heart points to. Happiness for me is ME. I believe it's up to us to see and respect things around us, let it be our family, colleagues, animals or nature.

Coca-cola is one such drink that gives you a refreshing feel. Whether you drink it or not, watching this video itself refresh you and bring happiness.

Be HAPPY, stay HAPPY and if possible make others HAPPY... 

Wanna be HAPPY - Manage TIME...! Wanna be HAPPY - Manage TIME...! Reviewed by Gowthama Rajavelu on 16:01 Rating: 5


  1. ahaa! So it's the ME-time that makes you happy!

    The Glowing face of your Wife would be the romantic moment which brought all the optimism in you.!

    And thus.. The romantic Gowthama lived happily everafter!!

  2. Time an interesting one. We cannot have any control in it. And it does not have control in us. We speak all things with relation to time. Time wins all-time. Whether we win or loss is a separate on from this.

    How we spend the time which we do not have any control is the quality time. A good narration of how you got, the way and experienced the time. Have had got the long lasting happiness and shared that to all. Hats off Gowthama.

    1. Aww! That was very refines one. Thank you Thiruppathi for dropping by and spending time with it. Time, when managed well make us HAPPY if not, it becomes our THREAT! Simple :-)


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