I propose a TOAST...

As I entered my home back from school, I untied my shoe lace and removed the socks, kept them at a corner near the Balcony. And I rushed to the kitchen shouting, "Mamma! I am back, please gimme something to eat, I am starving." There's my mom saying "Refresh yourself and I will come with your favorite snack before you could imagine".

And what did I do! I took the receiver (landline), made sure that my mom is busy in the kitchen and dialed 24*****1. It's ringing and before someone from the other end completes saying their 'Hello'; I shout back "Can I speak to Dinesh? I am his friend calling aunty". And the conversation between my friend and me continues until we both hear the loud angry voices of our mother.

Now I stand before my mother, waiting for her to shoot the questions at me and I am joggling for answers in my mind. I know I am answerable to many questions; as I haven't changed my uniform neither cleaned up myself nor resting. Instead I have been talking to a friend with whom I spent around 8 hours at school, and still I had so much to talk. So I decided to be smart and started answering the questions before she complete. Reciting, "Mamma! I was talking to Dinesh as we are put up in the same team to perform the stage drama of 'A Christmas Carol,' which is due tomorrow. So, I wanted to make sure our roles and dialogues; so that we would be praised by our English Ma'am". I wasn't completely lying, as we both were meant to perform the drama but I completed the rehearsal already. And mother was impressed with my dedication towards a work but I was left free only after a series of good old mommy advises. 

When I imagine about those days, trying to phone a friend was not really about friendship but about making use of my time. It was about the enthusiasm I experienced each time I held the telephone receiver and dialed a number; and I wonder, sometimes, how a small piece of wire can transmit so much of information in seconds.

And as I grew up, I remember that none of my body parts disappeared. But it was the period were all Indians were having telephonic conversation through a receiver, without any wires, saying that these are Cell Phones. I was more puzzled; I begged and pleaded to my parents to get me one of those. Before I could familiarize myself with the features of a cell phone there came the Smart Phone. They were pricy and I thought to myself "Definitely not my cup of tea". After few years, the morning of my first anniversary also turned out to be the day of my 'Moto-E' Birthday. And my own first smart phone.

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I was LOST! I was lost the coziness my hands felt each time I held my smart phone the velvety touch option I experience each time my finger scrolls through the icon. myself, seeing the adorable selfie the tiny lens could capture from both sides. the minute sound beats and lyrics that gives a soothing sensation to my ears and soul. the never ending ocean of applications, that gives me the hope to do anything from anywhere. the never tiring speed of the phone internet with 4G & 3G, however long I keep using them without a break. And I am amazed how my Moto doesn't hang or slow down irrespective of my unbeearable torture. the colours they could provide me. I feel excited to match the colours of my dress with interchangeable bands or grip shells.

And most of all, the simple and non-time consuming software updates. That doesn't keep me and my smarty away for a long while. Also, the Android OS version makes the job easier.

Yeah! I was LOST, but found my 'Smarty' phone love. Mr. Smarty always keeps me busy and comes out handy for serving all my needs. I would like to propose a toast for my dear Mr. Smarty.

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Dear Mr. Smarty,

You reconnected me with my friends, you gave me hope to never feel alone, you solved my urge to write on the go, you made me knowledgeable, you keep me updated with anything and everything that is happening around me though I am least connected with the outside world, you wake me, you remind me my daily routines, you capture all my best moments and also store them forever.

You know what! You just don't capture them, you make me re-live those moments. You bring back my beautiful past with colours.

You are the best buddy, one could ever get. I am deeply, madly and profoundly grateful to get you in my life.

Be with me FOREVER...

(Author never owns a Moto-E and it is just a sketch of his imagination. This post is written for the "#ChooseToStart you smartphone journey with all your Moto E" contest hosted by IndiBlogger. Kindly visit for further information)
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  1. From a Tring Tring
    To a song of our choice
    The experience without owning
    With a bit of bit explanation
    Everything it has
    Everything excited in its
    As the 'Smarty' phone love
    The 'Smarty Narration'
    It would be ever yours
    And connects what your need

    1. Wowwy! Coool! It's like a small post in the comment field. Thanks Thiruppathi for spending time with Creatikaa.

  2. A toast to MOTO E. In today's world we cannot imagine life without smartphones. Nice post. Keep it up. Rregards and wishes :-)

    1. Thank you Sonali for dropping by, spending sometime and also sharing your views. Glad if you make it a habit :-D Yeah rightly said, smartphone is our real better-half in today's world.

    2. A man's Wife a better-half. His Smart phone a better-half. Then where do the man????!!!!!

    3. In today's world, technology is more valued than the human emotions, that's the reason I said smart phones are considered as a REAL better-half Thiruppathi ;-

  3. Oh! I own a MotoE and I know how it feels. However it was not my first smartphone but it is an excellent deal considering its price :)
    You put down your imaginations in such a realistic manner, it does feel very real while reading. Keep it coming Gowthama!

    1. Oh wow, you own MotoE. Sounds exciting! Good to see you back after a while. Thanks for the comment Jane ;-)


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