Clash between my Mind and Heart...

Master says, "Do not take this decision. Think twice before you do anything".

And Little says, "Do it. This would be the best decision and always listen to me".

It is always never ending clash between the Master 'Mind' and Little 'Heart'. Whom to listen? Whether to go by what my heart says or to go by my mind. The confusion never ends. But in a competition there is only one Winner!

The race between my mind and heart makes me crazy as they both have valuable points in whatever they preach. Guess, this was the story of my life each day for almost two years.

My mind and heart were both thriving for optimism and hope for well-being and happiness. Be it my professional or personal life, nothing was going as I wished. Wherever I turn, there was a hurdle to be completed and I was not sure whom to follow; my mind or my heart?

Even at that point, in a perplexed state, I was showered with the optimism and hope for the future. And that's because of Grey's Anatomy. No, I am not talking about the book "Grays Anatomy," which is preached as a Bible for Medical students and practitioners; this is about a famous English Television series.

A fictional television series brought a ray of hope in you life? Really? You might ask! Yes, Truth is weird guys!?

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The screenplay on the episodes of the Grey's series were exceptional. It travels along with me. At most of the instance, I feel as if I am standing at the very same position, where the lead character 'Grey' stands helpless and thinking what to do next. And the stories revolving around the series would make me feel like, "Are these television guys observing what was happening in my life?". The quotes and dialogues are another feel good element in this series. It sheds light on my life to think about the positives that are happening and how grateful I should feel to live a life that's worth living.

Whether it is a television series or a real life scenario, few things are common for every human beings i.e. struggles, failures, pains and losses. Whenever I happen to face failure the immediate question that arises in my mind is "Why me?". But what I forget to see is the light of hope in every failure I face. Failures not only give us the courage and determination but it also helps us create an opportunity that we missed before. I don't really believe in 'Opportunity knock the door only once' saying, if there is no opportunity create it and that's what the failure gives it to you.

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I realised my heart was staying calm all this while, waiting for me to heal from failure, regain the strength and focus on the 'light of hope' so I could be happy once again. That was the moment I started listening to my Heart, which also made me have a control over my mind. And it's this series that made me realise that there is one thing that is always stable, HAPPINESS. So I made the choice of being happy by filling my life with optimism and hope for the future.

And this was my story around a moment that was filled with optimism and hope for the future. Thanks to Housing for giving me this opportunity.

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