Fear and Risk - The true story

“Rise above fear” – Topic of this class unquestionably draws incredible response in the Blogosphere. As you can see, the number of entries in the last two days is skyrocketing. Mountain Dew is known for strong flavor and its unique ad films, which portrays sheer power, the recent one being the best. With the likes of two South Indian heartthrobs, Arya and Akhil Akkineni, Mountain Dew has captivated most of young viewers. For the benefit of the viewers, here is the Tamil version of the Mountain Dew Film ‘Acham Thandi Uchham thodu’ watch it and enjoy. 

Coming to the topic, I am sure everyone would have taken risks, some way or other, to get rid of their fear. Some have a fear of water, Hydrophobic; some with height, Acrophobic; some with snake, Ophidiophobic and it goes on like that. Likewise, I had one, Fathophobia (fear of father). I named it myself as I couldn't find it in the phobia list. And I overcame my fear by a daring risk. Here comes that moment…

I am terribly afraid of my father right from my childhood. Be it his voice, action or body language, he threatens me in all the aspects. I used to raise my voice with my mother at home, but with my father, the voice goes down drastically. I can’t raise my voice even if I try to, that’s the irony.

One day after coming back from the school, I switched on the television to watch my favourite World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). I am a die-hard of fan of WWE. Not only have I loved watching it, but I was also in the hunt for someone to execute WWE stunts. As I was watching it with full involvement, my younger brother came, took the remote and skipped the channel to Cartoon Network (CN). Infuriated by his behaviour, I got up from my chair to kick his ass. Meanwhile, I realized that I got a buddy to quench my long-standing wrestling thirst. Before getting into the act, I carefully scanned for my parent’s presence and sensed no one around. Then out of happiness, I saw my little brother who was busy seeing Scooby-Doo, guinea pig came to my mind, which is often used in the lab for testing purpose. Wasting no time, I pounced on my brother and started kicking just like The Rock. After giving series of blows, I finally went on for the final power slam i.e. ‘chokeslam.’ I grasped his shoulder and lifted over my head, raising my eyebrows (rock style), and screamed ‘If you smelllllaaa, what The Rock is cooking.’ Before I chuck him down over the bed, I received a heavy blow on my neck from behind. And to my surprise it was my father. A giant muscular man, just like The Undertaker, was staring me from behind.

My legs started trembling in fear and my neck is killing me in pain, but my brother is still hanging out within my clutches as I am yet to complete my smack ‘chokeslam.’ My father is all set to give another round of blows. I don’t know what to do, as I was with utter confusion, pain and fear.

At that point I realized one thing, i.e. no matter what I do; I am going to receive serious blows from my father for sure. So why not receiving it after completing my act, like a man. Yes! I chokeslamed my brother (Just over the double cot bed, so no worries) in front of my father, who was even more pumped up by my act.

Even though, the aftereffect was worse, it was worth a risk. Because it created a panic on my father’s face. After that particular moment, I lost my fear completely (father) and started handling things with even more guts.

"Rise above the FEAR"
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  1. Hi Gowthama,

    Did you notice the new Favicon for your blog? And the blog looks so clean after removing the infolinks. Good to see the labels as well. :)

    Yes exactly, whoever dares surely wins. I am a bag of fears. I am scared of water, height, public speaking, talking to strangers, etc.

    Oh you made a new kind of phobia - Fathophobia: Fear of Father. Well thought and named.

    You love watching WWE, I am so scared of those violent people. haha.

    Interesting real life story. I feel so sad for your brother. You seem to be very much inspired by the WWE stars haha. :)

    And it is good to hear that you were no longer afraid to face your father. And in my opinion no one should ever feel threatened by our own family.

    "Rise Above The Fear"

    I am too afraid of many things and I will try my best to beat my fears. :)

    Thanks for sharing the post Gowthama. Enjoyed reading the post.
    Best Regards,
    Rohan Chaubey.

    1. Thanks a ton for the favicon Rohan, very cool. And I am glad that you enjoy my post and come up with much refined reply. I am inspired by WWE to risk such thing is my life.

  2. Kids and their stunts! I sympathize with your parents :D

    1. Those are not mere stunts rather ultimate act of our bravery Mridula ;-) :-P


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