Don't you have guts to think 'Out-of-Box' ???

We, people always race against the time to succeed. Everyone in this world desires to be on the TOP!! Is "Reaching Top" our sole priority? Then I would say it’s not that difficult. I get "State First", offers comes in from various top notch medical universities, then I end-up getting Gold medal, become the most famous physician in the world; ultimately ending up at "top." Awww! It all sounds simple so far, right? Then why aren't people whom we believe have achieved everything are yet not happy?

Getting first, thereby reaching the top isn't the thing we race for; it is something beyond that. Career development is not just a part in our life, whereas it is the one which travels with us all through our life. Life is not about impressing anyone by suppressing our needs, whereas it is about exploring and doing what we want to do.

Normally, we have a habit of thinking too much about our future, be it a kid or an experienced. We frame our livelihood without even designing our career path. Designing our career, incorporating all our key skills, is the most significant matter in our lifetime. And parents and teachers should play a pivotal role in it as they are the one we spend most of our time with.

Don’t be so obsessed with M.B.B.S or B.E, come out and give a thought about other courses. Have a word with your parents and teachers who know you better, before taking a decision. Forget about the reputation issues that come in the form of parents/friends/relatives. Give importance to the knowledge and start learning as much as you can. Knowledge gives us the pleasure of living.

If at all you feel that you are not in a right area, be it your studies or job, decide and go with your gut feel. By all odds it won't go awry.

Pursuing what we need and designing our life as we wish, is always possible at any time, if we dare to do it.

Building our career and doing what we love, makes us grow as a person, enhances our personality and build our life a lot more gratifying!

So think outside the box and march towards Excellence!
Don't you have guts to think 'Out-of-Box' ??? Don't you have guts to think 'Out-of-Box' ??? Reviewed by Gowthama Rajavelu on 17:18 Rating: 5


  1. "Life is not about impressing anyone by suppressing our needs, whereas it is about exploring and doing what we want to do."
    Awesome lines. I kept reading this sentence n number of times which gave me an energetic feel.

    1. Being a great fan of Rajnikanth, punches comes in between. Glad that, atleast you liked it ;-) :-P


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