A small fish in a big pond!!

A small fish in a big pond!!
Smarter way of making, trading and wearing clothes…

Today textiles plays a major part in human lives – starting from clothing to house equipments, medical kits, vehicle covers and for some indirect uses. Its function and artistic values are equally important for the customers. In this competitive world, textile industry has to incorporate some fashion trends in order to offer innovative findings. The amount of money spent by an average household on textiles and apparels being significant in this area which makes a great business sense for each player involved. This sector provides comforts and value addition for addressing the basic needs. Nowadays people prefer natural fibers instead of artificial ones but the thing is former has more problems such as color fading, wrinkling, difficulty in removal of stains. Nanotechnology has solution for each for these complex issues.

Nanotechnology which has various disciples like material science, aerospace, medicine, mechanics, etc was booming in recent decades and now it’s into textile as well. The word ‘nano’ was derived from Greek which means ‘dwarf’. Scientist used this prefix to indicate 109 or one billionth. “If a hair is cut into 100,000 pieces each piece would agree with the size of 109,” said by Dr. P. Iyamperum - vice chairman of science city.

The interesting fact is that advent of nanotech has opened up a whole new view of value-adding potential in the textile sector. Imaginative and innovative thoughts has been made true by the nanotech like clothes could repair itself, no washing needed, clothes would protect the bearer from bacteria and other harmful things and many more. Research is being done in this field of textile through the application of nanotechnology and the rising trends gives strong hope towards future clothes. “We will have clothes that could convert body’s heat energy into electrical energy and can utilize it in various operations” says Prof. Ashwini Agarwal in 97th Indian Science Congress held in Trivandrum, “Clothes would become a most important part of life as TV set or a refrigerator,” she adds.

India stands top in exporting cotton and fiber textiles. Therefore these Nanotechnology applications for smart textiles are very much applicable for Indian market because it increases immense market potential. Further research is going on in this field.
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