Waffles anyone? from Belgium? - Waf O'Bel, Chetpet, Chennai

What: Waf O'Bel
Where: 5/33, 13th Avenue, Harrington Road, Chetpet, Chennai
Timings: 2 - 11 PM (All 7 days)
Cuisine: Bakery, Desserts, Cafe

Waffles and me have been a never-ending story. And any guesses on who is back? Waf O'Bel! After impressing the Chennaitians with their waffles, they went hiding for a while just to come back bigger. With a space for themselves at a serene street of Chetpet, they have teamed (i.e. themed) with Tin Tin to continue their waffle adventures.

With addition of savoury waans and shakes, the menu is simple yet smells great. And I have already visited the place thrice which means the waffles are delicioso. And they serve eggless waffles (yes, it's vegetarian only) that are extremely good. So let's get into the waffle extravaganza (p.s. summing up all my visits).

A savoury variety (waan) to slow down the sugar rush. Among the four waans, I tried the Corn and Spinach Waan (it's ideal to choose waan platter if you wish to try all waans). Looks like pita bread, the corn and spinach stuffing resembled spinach kuttu and was little bland; some extra spice or creamy element would have done some magic for my palate. And I loved the cold red kidney bean salad served with the waan. As they specialise in waffles it's better to stick to that.

So it's waffle time! I have chewed down eight of their waffles during my visits but there always is a favourite. Apple Crumble and Cool Bananas are my favourites. The crunch from biscuit crumb and the flavour of cinnamon and apple was blissful on the hot-crispy waffle, apple crumble waffle is one of their best.

Banana, cream and caramel sauce! A brilliant combo to top your waffles, a bite into cool bananas waffle would lighten up your boring day. The sweet caramel, fresh cream and bananas paired with hot waffles is a winner.

Apple Crumble
Cool Bananas
They are all about Belgian chocolate, so Checkmate and Choco Chock are a must try for chocolate lovers. With chocolate, cream, chocolate fudge and chocolate ice cream, checkmate waffle is chocolate overload and I loved every bit of it. Choco chock waffle comes with the words 100% Belgian chocolate  and some surprise at the bottom, it's all about chocolate so it's droolicious.

Choco Chock
Black & White waffle, reminding a chess board the light, fluffy and crispy waffles loaded with chocolate and cream is another delight.

The sourness was taking a upper hand in Red Carpet - Strawberry waffle, the strawberry compote isn't my favourite topping but the waffles had no complaints.

And for some overload of toppings you should go for Banana Split waffle. Two scoops of ice-cream (you can choose your flavours), banana, cream, caramel and chocolate sauce was some heavy yet delicious topping on the light and fluffy waffle. Loved the taste but quite a lot of topping didn't let me enjoy the waffle (but I am not complaining :-)).

I know that's too much of waffles! But I couldn't say no. And here's the last one Fruit Custard. The medley of fruits topped on vanilla custard is creamy and refreshing.

Finally let's sign off with their beverages. I loved the milkshakes consistency; rich and delicious. Hot Chocolate was good but the Raspberry and Waffle milkshake were yum. Waffles shake resembles oreo shake in texture but less chocolaty.

Waffle & Raspberry Milkshake

So definitely I didn't have all these in a single visit. I was billed Rs.910, Rs.570 and Rs.690 INR (including tax) during each of my visit. Their pricing on the menu is inclusive of all taxes and service charge, which really helps to plan your budget before ordering.
P.S. You can also buy a pack of 4 plain waffles for Rs.350 INR.

Breaking Down Points
Location & Parking: Take the right next to Cuckoo club diner, shouldn't be difficult to locate the place and you can park anywhere in the street.
Ambience: Smells waffle! Cosy and bright ambience.
Food Variety: Waffles! Limited but delicious waffle collection. And a jackpot for vegetarians.
Taste: For now, the best tasting Belgian waffle in Chennai. Slurp!
Quality & Quantity: The detailing in presentation and the quality of waffle is brilliant. A plate of waffle would be perfect for a person.
Service: Very attentive and prompt.
Price: Pricey. Cost for two is Rs.700-900 INR (including taxes). Their waffles are a total value for money.  

So my Verdict!
Waf O'Bel! Waffle heaven, not sure if these are authentic but they are delicious and what else do you need! It just got better for vegetarians. If you haven't visited yet then you are too late already. 

P.S. Remember, no two person's palate can be same.  

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Waffles anyone? from Belgium? - Waf O'Bel, Chetpet, Chennai Waffles anyone? from Belgium? - Waf O'Bel, Chetpet, Chennai Reviewed by Divya Srinivasan on 21:50 Rating: 5

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