August / Harvest Moon Festival at Stix, Hyatt Regency Chennai

What: August Moon Festival at Stix
Where: Hyatt Regency, Anna Salai, Teynampet, Chennai
When: 9 - 18 September, 2016 (for Dinner only)

Like Pongal in Tamil Nadu, Lohri in Punjab, Holi, Sankranthi and many other harvest festival at different parts of India, it's Mid-Autumn festival in China. So the Chinese people celebrate their harvest festival on the night of full moon between September and October. And this year the festival falls on the 15th of September. As you know celebrations are always about getting together with family, spreading love and happiness, thanking and praying for all goodness. So what's that one thing that makes a festival perfect? It's food and some moon cakes as they address the festival as Harvest or August Moon festival. For the love of Chinese food, Stix at Hyatt Regency as crafted, an A La Carte menu for the festival capturing the essence of Chinese harvest season with addition of fresh fruits, vegetables and moon cake in their menu.

As the selection of food was left to Chef's choice, the hot and delicious Jade Chicken soup was the first to be served on our table. The shreds of chicken and the flavour from the clear soup was light and tasty. The Spicy Lotus Root with identical slices of lotus root was soft yet crunchy. The essence of the sauce, red chilli and bell peppers delight your palate with spiciness.

The mild hit of chilli, the tangy black fungus and fresh slice of onion and cucumber is refreshing. The unique blend of flavours make the Black Fungus, Onion and Cucumber salad an interesting addition in the menu.

Though the flavour and succulent chicken wings aren't new, the sweetness from the pineapple acts as a surprise element as you bite the Pineapple Cola Chicken Wings. But my favourite was the Private Chef Secret Shrimp. The juicy shrimp excites your taste buds with sweet, tangy and spicy elements, the depth of flavours stimulates your senses during every bite.

The steaming hot Quail Egg and Chicken Suimai is a burst of flavours in your mouth. Though I was sceptical about the quail egg on the top of the dumpling, the minced chicken suimai and egg is a best dumpling I have tasted in recent times.

After some good appetisers, the mains were equally delicious in terms of taste. Stix's special Pineapple Fried Rice is an ideal staple that blends as well as compliments the mains perfectly.
Spicy Crispy fried Okra, the crunchy red chilli and okra is simple dish that exhibits the original essence of the ingredients.

The sweet and spicy zest of oyster sauce with rice was the delectable in taste along with the fresh and crunchy lettuce. There was a sudden sense of bitterness from the Lettuce with Oyster Sauce, when I paired the dish with Noodles. I am still not sure about the bitter flavour but anyways the dish was delicious when I had them with rice.

The medley of Chinese flavours with the crunchy vegetables, chicken and shrimp is blissful. Anything on lines of Manchurian sauce will excite me and the Spicy fried Chicken Shrimp is a perfecto with the staples.

When it's Chinese, my appetite just doubles and by the time Moon Cake arrived I was completely stuffed. Making some space for the moon cake, resembling a moon the round pastry filled with red bean paste was subtle in sweetness but being an extreme sweet lover I would enjoy some more sugar rush. The pastries width and fillings proportion was nailed perfectly. Also the vanilla ice-cream, the mild flavour of coconut and the smooth texture was divine.

So much Chinese but this cuisine always is special because of the use of fresh ingredients, simple cooking methods and soulful food.

Breaking Down Points
Location & Parking: At cities centre (Anna Salai) with valet parking.
Ambience: Warm and cosy with the smoking woks.
Food Variety: Specially crafted menu for August Moon festival so if you are a regular to Stix then this season you will have some new additions to taste.
Taste: The intensity of flavours just shines in your plate. Their authentic Chinese touch always excites me, especially the use of ingredients and taste is remarkably good.
Quality & Quantity: Simple yet rustic presentation and portion is ideal for two.
Service: Very attentive and prompt.
Price: NA. Cost for two is Rs.3000 INR (plus taxes).

So my Verdict!
Stix at Hyatt Regency is lighting their lanterns and welcoming you to celebrate the harvest festival of Chinese with beautifully crafted dishes. The use of ingredients, sauces and spices elevates the food taste. The August Moon festival is till 18 September 2016.

For Reservations & enquiries, visit or call
+91 44 61001234

P.S. On-the-house bloggers meet for August Moon Festival at Stix. Remember, no two person's palate can be same. And this post is only for the August Moon festival happening. 
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