DNA test may speed Colon Cancer diognosis

Colon cancer can be detected from DNA in early stage, which was not possible in colonoscopy colorectal cancer, most common in the US, grows slowly and can be removed in early stages. The common discussion is a colonoscopy, which is not recommended for people over 50. Blood cell test using stool is used to detect precancerous stage. Mutation test, more reliable test than a blood test, is not a method of critical improvement.

New generation test involves a different procedure. Most of the cells require the methyl group to exchange genes, whereas cancer cells don't require except few, where the methylation process is immense resulting in suppressor of genes. Methylated DNA can detect colon tumours based on stools which have DNA. This test would detect at least half of precancerous polyps and 85% of actual cancers. At least  the people in critical stage could be verified with colonoscopy. As a result, colonoscopy could be concentrated on critical patients instead of large populations. If this test runs well with stool sample, it would be the inaugural non-invasive exam that will reliably detect malignant tumours.

Colonoscopy missed serrated polyp which is a precancerous tissue, but was observed by four marker test. It can also detect cancers above colon. The cancer of gastrointestinal tissue should be observed only from cans.

The answer received from the DNA methylation test is more specific and feasible, so colonoscopy may be utilized as a second choice.

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