When Joker comes to Bollywood...

One of the dialogue uttered by Joker in the movie Dark Knight. Almost every dialogue in that movie is a punch line, especially the one that comes from Joker’s mouth. Heath Ledger was simply mind-blowing as Joker in that movie. He was inventive, witty and also scary. It’s like three different personalities combined together and without a doubt he nailed it at ease.

Alright, enough has been spoken about Heath Ledger, especially about his performance as Joker. It has even been recognized through various awards including the most prestigious Academy Awards. Now let us imagine something quirky about it.

Let us say the character ‘Joker’ has been offered to Bollywood actors. What do you think will happen?

As you know, our bollywood industry is known for masala (commercial elements). Besides, style factor comes into picture for every actor. Considering all these elements, let see what our movie actors are up to on getting this offer.

Here we go...

Amitabh Bachchan - Obviously, Bollywood Badshah comes first on line when it's come to Bollywood. I guess his fan base has grown tenfold by now. He can be witty, sarcastic and serious. Maybe he will think about doing a Joker make-up. Come on man, let's do the hair-styling. After all, looks matters the most in Bollywood Mr. Nolan. 

Shah Rukh Khan - Here comes the style icon. He can do serious role. Remember Don? No not Chennai Express only Don! But King Khan needs a good slow-beat song to raise his arms in his own trademark fashion. I mean DANCE, people say so. 

Salman Khan - Imagine a Joker with strong shoulders, muscular chest and sexy abs? There comes Sallu. I would prefer at least one topless scene. After all for fans' sake!

Akshay Kumar - Imagine a joker doing high octane stunts, thats where he fits in. He has an ability to kick 1000 person at a time. Even the audience watching his movie in the theatre is threatened sometimes, that's how powerful he is. No superhero needed when there is one Akshay dude.

Hrithik Roshan - If you want to see a stylish Joker, he is the man - one of the sexiest men of Asia. As a fan I would request Hans Zimmer to compose a foot-tapping number exclusively for his role, Joker. Nothing like watching him dance dude. But considering his recent outings and hit rate, I am sure the producer might have a tough time. 

If Ranbir Kapoor does it, he intoxicates every girl with his eyes and romantic dialogues. I dont know about others but I am sure Rachel will have a tough time selecting her better-half, if he is a Joker. 

Last but not the least! Abhishek Bachchan for Joker. Yes I heard you. He will look for another co-star to act along with him. If you really want the movie to go well, his preference is safe otherwise I seriously doubt that.

Who do you think is the most funniest Joker ever?
When Joker comes to Bollywood... When Joker comes to Bollywood... Reviewed by Gowthama Rajavelu on 22:33 Rating: 5


  1. Hahaha... very well-written... :-)

  2. haha...interesting take..liked that twist!

    Who is your fav? Mine is still, the legend himself- Heath Ledger.


    1. Health Ledger is a Legend. Hollywood and entire film fraternity is in a huge loss after his demise. But now I expect Bollywood alternative for Health Ledger :-D ;-)

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