Festivals, just another reason to shop - Our Diwali hunt!

"You never need a reason to dress-up because there is always one!", says me. And with Diwali around the corner I had to find something to glam-up my festive look before family and for some pictures. With hardly a day, the only shopping place that seemed feasible for my convenience was a mall. It's my one go to place where I could shop, grab some food and checkout a movie. So the pick for this season was Forum Vijaya Mall (FVM), it's almost a second home and a week without stepping into forum mall makes life a little tough. So enough of the drama, let me get into my shopping hungama for this diwali.

PC: Muskaan Dutta
PC: Muskaan Dutta, Check out her blog!
As the glittering "Happy Diwali" signboard invites you into the mall, the decorations with the beautiful lotus and lights hanging around every corner reiterates the festive mood and happiness. After juggling my way through the humongous mall, I did decide to settle my shopping destination as Max showroom.

'Everything under one roof' is the immediate statement that runs through my mind. With plenty of choices and brands to choose from, I was quite overwhelmed. After glancing throughout the store I made my way to the Ethnic wears section. So it was time to play with the dresses; I was tossing my head around some beautiful cotton and synthetic kurthi from Melange and Biba. And as soon as I took a 180 degree turn, there were a few vibrant skirts that just perfectly fits for a festive, wedding or party look. And you shouldn't miss the Jackets, it might just be that one thing that makes you look more elegant and different in your simple kurthi or alluring skirt.

They can't store anything more! That much dresses to choose from :-D

With a budget of just Rs. 2000 INR for both of us i.e. my husband and myself, I had to be very keen on any money I shed out of the pocket. My partner is always generous enough to let me spend more on my clothes (or we can just say he doesn't have a choice). So I came across this graceful skirt in black with gold print that fits perfectly for any occasion. I could pair the skirt with a short kurthi or t-shirt and add-on an ethnic jacket to flaunt a casual, festive or party look. So it was my one dress for every occasion.  

After a few hours of running around the place, I found a yellow kurtha with a patch design in blue near the neck. And I couldn't let go of that, simple and classy. The kurtha again suits aptly for a casual work day or a day out like shopping, movies, etc., so I had two ideas to flaunt my kurtha (1) to pair it with a jean or leggings and (2) kurtha-skirt combo.


After shedding some big bucks on my apparels, it was some men's shopping time. They do have plenty to choose from, right from the formal shirts to the ethnic kurthas to the informal tees they had everything, and some exciting offers that lets you buy two shirts at a cheaper price.

Men's Collections

A series of trials and the vote is for round-collar tees that cost just Rs.599 INR for two. With yellow becoming the next black, the colours my partner went for were Yellow and Melange. I totally loved the shirts, the colours elevated the skin tone of my partner and suits for a day out like shopping, movies, games, etc. As well we ended up choosing the same colour making it all the more interesting and special. It's not just their zillion wardrobe collections but they have things for whatsoever your budget maybe.

His love for tees!
Though I have sorted out my shopping, the hunger just took over and right away we headed to the food court at third floor. This is what I love about FVM, one destination for shopping, food and movies. With lots of food joints the opinions just multiplied, whereas the only outlet I hadn't tried yet was Quiznos. So grabbed a chicken sub, mexican veg pizza, French fries and iced tea to pump up the energy after the tiresome yet fun shopping. Not the best but a worthy alternative for subway. 

For some more shopping tips, check this post by Vidhya Jain!

You shall be flabbergasted with the collections at the stores in the Forum Vijaya Mall. And that's how we are going to flaunt this diwali with this striking dress from Max Stores.

Happy Diwali everyone! let's spread happiness and smile all over this galaxy.

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  1. Festival wishes... nice meeting Gowthama at the Hexa event.

    1. Hope I get to meet you soon :-) sorry for such a late reply, festive wishes :-)

  2. Happy Diwali to both of you. Looking great in the pictures... :-)

    1. Thanks Maniparna and wish you the same! sorry for such a late reply! hope you had a great diwali.
      hope u enjoyed the post :-)


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