Come fall in love - Trek to Mt. Everest

Walking along any natural landscape simply rejuvenates your mind, body and soul. It might be across the beautiful mangrove patches along the beaches of Goa or coconut groves along the shores of Kerala or within the limits of some protected areas or in an elevated path of cold and freezing Himalayas. Nature has its own range of engrossing potential, which is comforting as well as captivating.
Trek to Everest Base camp is one of the world's classic trek for a good reason. Photo credit - Mojhi 
Nature always fascinates me with its ever charming splendour and mystic beauty. It pushes me to travel, explore and write. Last year I visited Manali, where I got an astonishing chance to trek atop Himalayas, around 13,050 ft above sea level; Rohtang pass, it was! The experience was simply unbelievable.  

If the experience in Rohtang pass is unbelievable, imagine trekking atop Mt. Everest? Rapturous right!

Mt. Everest has always been at the top of the list for any adventurer, mountaineers or any nature enthusiast. It is known as Chomolungma in Tibetan and Sagarmatha in Nepalese. Mt. Everest is so high that a trip to its base camp located at 5364 meters in itself makes for an adventure of highest order.

Mt. Everest, as you know, is the world’s highest peak with 8848 m. You will get a spectacular view of Himalayas standing atop this beautiful peak. But apart from this peak, there are various other peaks you will come to see during your expedition and they are Mt. Lhotse (8516 m), Mt. Makalu (8462 m), Mt. Nuptse (7861m), Mt Cho Oyu (8201m).

While scaling the peak is one thing, experiencing the culture and visiting monasteries of indigenous communities are other important elements of Everest camp. Sherpa people, who reside at Khumjung village of Mt. Everest, are one such indigenous people you can notice in smaller settlements as you voyage through the terraced hills. One suggestion to understand their culture is to stay with them and taste their food. Nothing could make you understand the intricacies of a culture other than food.

Scaling the highest peak is not an easy task. Obviously, you must be physically fit to undertake such tiresome expedition. Another important thing is your body must acclimatize to the prevailing conditions. It’s always better to plan an elongated trip for such trekking expeditions. On one hand elongated trips give ample time to adapt to the weather conditions and on the other hand it creates a reserve-day. And that’s the prime reason for planning a long stretched-out trip to Mt. Everest or any snow-capped mountain for that matter. With the adverse conditions of snow-capped mountains, reserve-day comes out in handy when needed.

By the end of journey you will be carried away by the beauty and charm of Nepal, a mountain nation with gentle people, mystic landscapes and a hotpot of the ancient cultures and traditions in the world. This irresistible nation will make you plan another adventurous trip before you step out!
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  1. Great post. Simply spectacular pics..Looks like lot of fun!!Thinking should make a trip there.

    1. Start working on your plan. Trust me, you will have a wonderful time. Thanks for the comment.


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