T for Tamil Nadu, Temples and Thiru - Madras Week

The word thiru in Tamil denotes respect. It is mostly used by the tamilians to address elders, learned people, etc. Besides addressing people, this word is also used in the name of the places with esteem. Some reasons behind the words usage includes ancient practices, famous temple, religion, people or any historical evidences.  
Maada street at Thirumailai - Water colour done by artist Venkatesh
Across Tamil Nadu, you can find numerous place starting with the word thiru. I am sure any permanent resident of Tamil Nadu reading this post must have listed out a handful of places by now. But this post is going to focus more about Madras (aka Chennai) rather than Tamil Nadu. Because, its Madras week buddy!

Here we go:

Thirumailai (Mylapore), the city ofpeacocks, is one of the ancient places of Madras. It was once surrounded by thick foliage of Alexandrian laurel (punnai in tamil) trees with numerous peacock population. You can even see the depicts of peacocks worshipping linga in Kapalishwarar temple. The famous Shaiva saint Thirugnana Sambandar mentioned about this place in his songs in Tevaram.

Thirusulam is said to have acquired its name from the word suram meaning jungle path. It is known for Thirusoolanathar temple that was constructed way back during Chola dynasty.

Thiruvallikeni (Triplicane) is named after a sacred lily pond situated beneath the Parthasarathy or Krishna temple. The temple was constructed during Pallava dynasty. Nandi Varman II built it during 731-795 CE. The famous Vaishnava saint Thirumangai Aalwar even sang about the place.

Thiruvanmiyur is named after the veteran Valmiki, author of the ancient epic Ramayana. It is said that he settled here during his final days. The another legend about this place is that during 7th century, Shaivite saint Appar refers Vanmiyurisan as lord Shiva and hence the name Vanmiyur, which later with respect became Thiruvanmiyur.

Thiruvottriyur Adipurishwarar temple
PC - C.P.R. Foundation
Thiruvottriyur is famous for Adipurishwarar temple, which was first built during Pallava dynasty. One can find the inscriptions of Aparaajita Pallava here. There is a secret underground tunnel (closed now) below this temple connecting Thirumullaivoyil and Melur (Thiruvallur district) temples, assisting the kings to visit these temples or escape during emergency.

Likewise there are several other places across Tamil Nadu starting with thiru. They are more than just names. Years of history is buried within. Next time if you visit these places, go deep into it. Observe, analyse and review the rock arts, carvings, inscriptions and other historical elements. 

When books and words fail, the monuments come alive showcasing the history behind them. The land we live and cherish now is rich in culture, heritage, values and natural resources. And what we must try to understand and incorporate in our present is their sustainable value system.
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  1. Wonderfully created post based on the name. Very informative!

    1. Glad you liked it Indrani. Thanks. Happy day :-)

  2. You are doing a nice job by enlightening us about the state... :-)

    1. Thats very generous of you. I am just sharing things what I know. Knowing the history of any state is fascinating. Thanks for the comment maniparna. Enjoy the weekend.


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