Marina, Madras and Me - Madras Week

My first loud cry, my first few memorable memories and most of my emotions connect back to Madras. It is my birth place, my hometown, my work town and the place I live and love. No wonder Madras and I share our birthday the same month. And as a birthday gift I (both my husband and I) wanted to scribble down about Madras for a week (one post everyday) in the blog. As most people know (atleast the Madras walas), every year Madras week is celebrated from 21-28 August and the 22nd of August is Madras Day.  

Marina is the first word I utter if it's Madras. Besides the interesting facts about the beach, like the longest natural urban beach in India along Bay of Bengal and tourist attraction, they also take you on a journey from sunrise to sunset. The beach never sleeps.

The rhythm of the breeze and waves along with the tapping of the early walkers and workers bring the hiding sun from under the ocean. Marina turns to be one of the busiest places at Chennai, even at 5 AM even before the sun could pay visit the place starts to blossom. There are human heads everywhere; the school kids who come to learn karate or sports, the teens who learn to drive, the grownups who walk to reduce weight, the parents who accompany their kids for skating and yoga classes and there are the ones (like me) who come to just watch the waves, doves and drink the soup.

And the beauty comes out!
The beach is filled with people from all walks of life, from the one who owns luxurious car to the one who sells the soup. You walk, you laugh, you make friends and you add some calories gulping the food that's sold at the beach. Marina mornings are filled with aroma of piping hot soups topped with crispy corns, the fresh fruits and the health drinks; you could finish off your appetizers and then head home for breakfast. With those rituals, the beach comes alive in the morning and never goes asleep.

The beauty of walking along the shore and playing with waves is what beaches are about. But Marina is also surrounded with some iconic places and things that you must have a look at.

·     The Light House - that gives the beautiful view of the beach and the city
·     Vivekananda House
·     The memorials (Anna and MGR) and statues of some inspirational leaders
·    Napier Bridge - Take a walk along the bridge to enjoy the view and birds that pay visit
·   Take a few more steps from the beach to grab a ride in the MRTS (local) train or board a bus to take tour around the city.

View from Light House
As the sun goes back to rest, the roads turn busy with vehicles all around and the beach gets loaded with people and shops. The dinner options at the beach with an attractive price deal is exciting and interesting. The crispy bajjis, not-so-appetising chats, hot bread omelettes, droolicious seafood varieties, the incredibly delicious Chinese food and ice-creams to sign-off your day with a seven course meal.  

It's time for Moon :-)
The beach holds more adventure besides munching and chit-chatting with your folks. The horse ride, kite fights, balloon shots, bubble burst, disk throws, ferocious swings and sand castles, what not! There are families, friends, couples, loners and living beings everywhere. The smell of the seafood, the grainy sand, the salty water and the romantic waves are the best companion for every soul that walks into Marina.

Marina is always special. It is lively. No matter whether you are rich or poor, happy or sad, lost or confused, the warmth of Marina can bring you back alive.

Here's thanking Marina, the love of every MADRASians and toasting for more good memories.

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  1. I have been to this city for a couple of times and have always wanted to back and stay in leisure. The urge is stronger now after reading your post.

    1. You must visit the place just to enjoy the beach.. Hope to see you here soon :-)

  2. Beaches are always charming and you grasped the charm of Marina.

    1. Yes, Marina is one of the greatest charm of Chennai. And thanks Tomichan, hope you enjoyed the post.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks a lot Jyotirmoy :-) hope you enjoyed reading..


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