The Ultimate Cheat Sheet of Live Grill Barbeque Restaurants at Chennai

Who wouldn’t love a moist, juicy, succulent piece of meat? Everyone loves it and that’s a foodies dream to indulge into perfect and flavorsome food. And the steaming charcoaled barbeque-grill creates magic before your eyes and presents you with delicious food. Barbeque isn’t as famous or common in an Indian household as in a foreign country.

So travelling back into the history gave me some interesting facts about barbeque. It’s still a mystery how the word ‘Barbeque’ is coined but some say it was a result from the word ‘Barbacoa’ used by Spanish while landing at Caribbean; the word refers to native method of slow-cooking meat over a wooden platform. The process of barbeque is defined as cooking over indirect heat, such as wood-fire, for a long-time so it results with a flavor blend of smoke, spices and meat. Also throwing a piece of meat directly on the grill isn’t barbeque; at least traditionally.

So introducing the Live-grill barbeque concept received an overwhelming response and happiness among the Chennai food lovers. The over-the-table barbeque concept isn’t just a hit but a sensation among food lovers. The concept allows the diner to grill their meat/veggie creating an awe-factor.
Then there’s the interesting feature of unlimited buffet. Almost 4-5 on-the-grill starters and few starters directly from kitchen, 10 plus dishes in the main course along with salad & soup and the extravagant dessert counter add glamour to the dining experience. Some BBQ restaurants as well offer Wish-Grill & live Cold Stone Ice-Cream counters. So here’s my list of favorite Live BBQ places at Chennai.

Note: The food varieties on grill & buffet are almost same with minor variations in taste or food type. The price differs based on which meal (lunch/dinner), which day of the week and veg/non-veg. There is separate pricing for kids.

Barbeque Nation
The first live-grill concept restaurant of Chennai and they have now spread their outlets across the city. Kulfi Kicks is their unique feature with eight different Kulfi flavors with a dose of different combinations of dips, sauces & toppings to choose from.

BBQ Nation
Outlets at: T. Nagar, Nungambakkam, Vadapalani, Thuraipakkam & Velachery
Cost for Two: Rs. 2000 INR (approx).

Grill Box
The second one to pop into the grilling business. Their long-chimney pipe that sucks out the smokes is a cool way to keep the place smoke-free. Food is same and they don’t score any unique points.

Picture Courtesy - dineout
Outlets at: T. Nagar & Mylapore
For Address:
Cost for Two: Rs. 2000 INR (approx).

Absolute Barbecues (ABs)
Their live wish-grill & cold stone ice-cream counter in addition to the live-grill bangs extra points.
In the Wish-grill, you select veggie/meats with sauces and toppings as per your choice and they cook them on the grill before serving you; interesting isn’t it? And the ice-cream; they churn and mix the ice-cream with your favorite toppings on a frozen stone table and hand out to you.

Picture Courtesy - AB's
Outlet at: T. Nagar & Velachery
Cost for Two: Rs. 2000 INR (approx).

Coal Barbecues
Same as ABs, they also have live-grill, wish-grill & cold stone ice-cream. Their innovative Indian Breads were my favorite (like Olive Naan & Dry Fruits Naan).


Outlet at: Velachery
Cost for Two: Rs. 1600 INR (approx).

Sigree Global Grill
Another feather on the crown of live-grill BBQ places in Chennai.

Picture Courtesy -
Outlets at: Thuraipakkam & Nungambakkam
Cost for Two: Rs. 1200 INR (approx).

400 Degree F
Another to the list; and their roof-top adds glamour to the dining experience.

Picture Courtesy - Muskaan Dutta
Outlet at: T. Nagar
Cost for Two: Rs. 1300 INR (approx).

Holy Grill
The first pure-vegetarian live grill restaurant at Chennai, which would bring smile to all the vegetarians who couldn’t dine or felt left-out while dining at other BBQs.

Holy Grill
Outlet at: Nungambakkam
Cost for Two: Rs. 1200 INR (approx).

Updating a new BBQ place is joining the above list. 
I am yet to visit the place.
Outlet at: Triplicane
For Address:
Cost for Two: Rs. 1200 INR (approx).

And here is the list of live-grill barbeque places in Chennai. They treat you with overdose of food, beware:-D. If you know any other BBQ place that I have forgotten to mention then feel free to share via your comments. Until next post, Happy Eating!

P.S. The barbecue places mentioned here are my personal choice from the ones I have visited or known. Also, the budget and description is based on my experience or awareness. Please check the link or check with the hotel before visiting; in a due course if the hotels locality changes or if hotel shut I will try to keep the post updated if not please let me know about the same in comments. Remember, no two person’s palate or experience can be the same.
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  1. WE have a Barbecue Nation in Kolkata as's a great place to dine out.

    1. Yeah, BBQ joints are great place to hangout and dine as a crowd. And unlimited food adds to the fun :-) Guess you enjoyed the post Maniparna :-)

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