The Revenant - Movie Review

I have been waiting for this movie ever since the Academy released its list of nominees for this year. The Revenant stood tall with whooping 12 nominations including the top three - best picture, best actor and best director.

The Revenant - Movie Review
The Revenant - Movie Review
The Revenant is a flawlessly made true story, which is about 19th century fur trappers. It is about surviving wilderness and nature’s fury. Alejandro also inserted a fictional vengeance within this true story, which increases the pace. The movie literally shows irreparable craziness of the filmmaker and his cast-n-crew, who went beyond limits to create an enchanting movie-watching experience.

Enough of pre-review talks, let’s get started. As you know, this review is all about story, screenplay, music and performances.

What makes you stay seated?

Performance is the foremost thing making you stay seated throughout the movie. Leonardo DiCaprio has done complete justice breathing and struggling as a tormented Hugh Glass. It’s a nerve-racking performance as you can’t actually see Leonardo on screen, but Glass by himself. Unlike his previous movies where he relies much on dialogues, here he relies more upon physicality. Eating raw bison liver, sleeping into a dead warm horse and sinking into icy waters, Leonardo has given all he’s got for this movie. While Tom Hardy is rough as a Fitzgerald, Domhall Gleeson is spot on as Captain Andrew. All other crew members lived upon to their best possible show.

Screenplay is another element that creates awe. Magical cinematography from Emmanuel Lubezki, picturesque locale and powerful dialogues keep the visuals intact. Lubezki’s technical brilliance with camera (digital Arri Alexa) is the prime reason behind every awe-inspiring visual. Be it a frozen landscape, tiny drop dripping from the ice, never-ending horizon, massive herd of bison and the miraculous bear fight, Lubezki has done it all at ease. The shot of Grizzly bear pouncing over Mr. Glass is one of the best. Stephen maintained the precision of the sequence with sharp cuts and editing.

Story is simple yet intuitive. Good work by Alejandro by adding the fictional revenge element as well as maintains the pace of the movie without affecting the plot by itself. Hugh Glass, a legendary frontiersman on his fur trading expedition gets mauled by a grizzly bear to death. His men abandon him to death on their way and also killed his son in front of him. Glass comes back from death, endures nature’s ferocity for settling his scores.
Music by Carsten Nicolai and Ryuichi Sakamoto is very subtle and soothing to ears. It went along the script maintaining the poignant touch throughout the movie.

The Revenant is the movie that touches upon the nature’s pay back to human beings in a heartrending manner.


Watch The Revenant and experience the essence of the wilderness.

My Rating

Story - 4 / 5
Screenplay - 5 / 5
Music - 3.5 / 5
Performance - 5 / 5

Watch the trailer here...

The Revenant - Movie Review The Revenant - Movie Review Reviewed by Gowthama Rajavelu on 15:54 Rating: 5


  1. What a move they have made, an absolute stunner! I am yet to watch though

    1. Exactly. This is an amazingly made movie. Do watch it soon.

  2. Excellent review of a superb movie, GR. I enjoyed this one in a theatre in America and was absolutely stunned by the truly transcendent experience. Here were my thoughts after seeing "The Revenant"...

    Academy Award winner Alejandro González Iñárritu ("Birdman") directed, co-wrote and co-produced "The Revenant" with the indisputable intent of transporting his audience back to the primitive and animalistic conditions inherent to the brutal and untamed North American wilderness of the early 19th Century. Having experienced this masterpiece in modern filmmaking now myself, I feel qualified to deliver the following declaration in the most resounding manner possible...MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!!

    With each stunning scene of grim grandeur Iñárritu passed before my eyes, I was unwaveringly riveted, hurtled headlong, swept into every successive moment, captivated in a whirling dervish of surging vitality.

    From ultra-violent Native (and non-indigenous) American ambushes, to excruciatingly crude cleansing of heinous bodily wounds, to a Grizzly Bear mauling that for all the world appears to be actually happening, I was rendered at once exhausted and exhilarated in the wake of a furiously unrelenting assault on my emotions.

    Starring Leonardo DiCaprio in the role of his career as real-life frontier legend Hugh Glass, "The Revenant" is a ferociously ambitious epic, presented essentially in three distinct acts: Escape, Survival and Revenge. Tom Hardy's perfect performance as reprehensible antagonist and the reviled target of Glass's relentless scorn, John Fitzgerald, serves to further solidify the richly gifted actor, together with DiCaprio, among the genuine elite of their craft.

    There is a deeply effecting, albeit brief, Epilogue to "The Revenant", as the nearly two and a half hours of full-force frenzy that has preceded it comes to a movingly quiet climax.

    An unspeakably tortured soul has found peace. At the end of a long and agonizing odyssey, and at long last, enduring peace.

  3. Wow thats quite a review John. You review so very well that the readers might compelled to watch the movie. Simply amazing. Thanks for spending time in my blog. Do visit again. Happy day :-)


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