The Organic Restaurant - Green Cafe - Restaurant Review

Outlet: T Nagar
Address: Crescent Park Road, Near Natesan Park, T. Nagar, Chennai
Cuisine: South Indian, Chinese (Pure Veg – Organic)

The word “Organic” is gaining momentum; everyone I address quotes that they are going organic! Do they really know what that means or the herd is blindly following the person before them? Let the reason be anything but following organic method as its own benefit. And the vegetables grown via organic farming have started to intrude into our lives so it’s now restaurants turn to go Green.

Green cafe - organic restaurant

Green cafe - organic restaurant
The Green Café at T Nagar addresses them as pure-vegetarian organic restaurant. The food served is prepared completely from organic ingredients procured by “F5 Store”. Located behind the Natesan park spotting them is simple and easy. The ambience is kept simple yet admirable; I was impressed by the fact that every material used for decor, such as wall arts, chairs, cutleries, etc., is made from recycled products. To know more about Green Cafe click here.

Disclaimer: My final verdict & breakdown points are based on cumulative visits but the food & pictures used here accounts to on-the-house bloggers meet.

Green cafe - organic restaurant

Opening at 11 AM in the morning they serve lunch, evening snacks and dinner; but my preference would be dinner as that accounts for more food options. To soothe and clean our palate before food they served Panagam; the sweetness of palm sugar with the freshness of ginger and lemon is perfect chiller (Note: I personally don’t like panagam). To make me happier and get over the panagam, arrived two of my favorite South-Indian snacks. The Raagi Poorna Kozhukattai (sweet) and the Kuzhi Paniyaram, both were delicious. The stuffed raagi kozhukattai is their best, perfectly steamed sweet dumplings. The latter was no-less; the crispy and soft paniyarams is a delight with the chutneys (coconut and chilli-tomato).
Green cafe - organic restaurant - panagam
Green cafe - organic restaurant - raagi kozhukattai
Raagi Poorna Kozhukattai
Green cafe - organic restaurant - paniyaram
Kuzhi Paniyaram
The Vazhaithandu (Plantain Stem) Soup tasted and looked like a diluted version of a typical plantain stem curry (poriyal) made at home. The tiny pieces of Plantain Stem add texture to the bland soup.

Out of nowhere came, the Chilli Garlic Potato and Chilli Fried Idly – two Chinese dishes that doesn’t have Soy Sauce or Ajinomoto or MSG. Looked appetizing, tasted OK. The gravy taste was little high on sweetness; as well the potato and Fried Idly wasn’t crispy but soggy.

Green cafe - organic restaurant - plantain stem soup
Plantain Stem Soup
Green cafe - organic restaurant - chilli potato
Chilli Garlic Potato
Green cafe - organic restaurant  -chilli fried idly
Chilli Fried Idly
Sweet Adai, similar to an Unni Appam, was just right in thickness, sweetness and taste, another favorite.
Sirudhaniya Adai Avial, the Avial was yummy. Though the Adai taste was good I shall prefer the Paruppu Adai (similar to a dosa but made with dals) over this.

Green cafe - organic restaurant - sweet adai
Sweet Adai
Green cafe - organic restaurant - millets adai
Millets Adai
Chappati (raagi) was more on a crispier side wasn’t soft. And taste-wise the Chenna Gravy (Kurma) was mediocre; the punch of coconut and ginger-garlic mix was a miss.

Keera Dosai – crispy and tasted delicious like how it’s supposed to be. The strong and bitter flavor of the spinach (keerai) was brilliant. Samai (Millet) Pongal – With the ghee dripping on the pongal, it was undoubtedly a mouth-watering dish; no sleeping pill could bring a peaceful sleep like they do! The killer for the day was the Sambar, I made sure to lick till the last drop stuck to the bowl.

Green cafe - organic restaurant - chappati
Chappati & Chenna
Green cafe - organic restaurant - millets adai avial
Millets Adai & Avial
Green cafe - organic restaurant - millets pongal
Millets Pongal
Green cafe - organic restaurant - coffee
Aazhi Amudham (Kadal Paasi), the look, taste and texture of the seaweed dessert reminded me of Panna Cotta. The dessert was wobbly in texture and smoothly melted in the mouth with the subtle sweetness.
Sukku Kaapi (Coffee) – I know it’s healthy and tastes decent but it can never match filter Coffee; so yeah, I didn’t like J

The service and quality had no complaints. The quantity is definitely less for the pricing they have fixed. May be the usage of Organic materials in the food is calling for more price then we can’t do anything about that. I did mention them to avoid the usage of tissues (though they make their own, it’s ultimately paper and against environment) as anyone knowing the restaurant theme would know to wash hands with water and not tissue.

Green cafe - organic restaurant - seaweed dessert
Seaweed Dessert
Breaking Down Points
Location & Parking: Positive. Easy to locate; you will have entire road to park.
Ambience: Good. Neat and simple.
Food Variety: Positive. Ample varieties.
Taste: Positive. Except for the Chinese part, the taste is great. 
Quality: Positive. The food presentation and usage of organic ingredients call for healthy dining experience.
Quantity: Ok. Portion size is less considering the pricing. Though I calm myself saying it’s organic but still they shall think about increasing the quantity.
Service: Good. No complaints.
Pricing: Good. Total value for money and falls under "Affordable" pricing. A meal for two would come around Rs. 450 INR (approx.)

My Favorites: Raagi Poorna Kozhukattai, Kuzhi Paniyaram, Samai (Millet) Pongal, Sweet Adai

So my Verdict!
Green Café! For anyone who feels you are poisoned by the food you consume then head here to taste some organic food that doesn’t leave way to chemicals. Also, check their store that’s right next to the café if you’re in need of organic stuffs starting from the food products to the cosmetics. The theme, quality, quantity, taste, variety, ambience, service, pricing and health-quotient happen to be the important reason to try their food.

P.S: This write-up is based on my food palate & dining experience during my restaurant visit. Cumulative review depending on all the visits but the pictures & food menu details are w.r.t on-the-house bloggers meet. Remember, no two person’s palate can be same.

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The Organic Restaurant - Green Cafe - Restaurant Review The Organic Restaurant - Green Cafe - Restaurant Review Reviewed by Divya Srinivasan on 16:23 Rating: 5


  1. I love it when a place is passionate about something and doesn't back down or bow to convention. Nice to see they are investing in their green future.

    1. Yeah! Green is the future for sure and great to find such places. Guess you enjoyed the post Heidi :-) Keep visiting back !!

  2. How interesting for me as an American living in the UK to see from you how an organic dinging experience is interpreted in Chennai. I love idli and dosai, and would love to try some of the ones on this menu. Organic seems to command a higher price everywhere, so it isn't just at Green Cafe! :-)

    1. Yeah, every thing that's good comes with a huge price! But it was worth paying for such a hearty meal. I love to know how you idli or dosai; when you try them let me know! And if you visit India then ping I will take to the best eateries :-) Thanks for dropping by and enjoy with Creatikaa :-)

  3. I'll see if they have any catering options for functions, etc. I want an organic/vegan dinner for a get-together. Thanks for introducing this restaurant.

    Destination Infinity

    1. Yeah check out! If you wouldn't reach let know a friend know them might get help! There is good considering healthy factor! Happy that you loved the post :-)


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