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Outlet: Adyar
Address: 1st Cross Street, Kasturibai Street, Adyar, Chennai.
Cuisine: South Indian, North Indian, Chinese (Pure Vegetarian)
There other outlet is located at Nungambakkam!

The home of classics is how they call themselves and it’s indeed perfect to call them so. Krishnavilasam (KV), as whimsical as their name sounds their menu proves to attract the South Indian food lovers. Every time I come across a classic South Indian casual dining restaurant the first question I raise is, ‘What so special about them and why should I dine there when I could afford a cheaper version of same food at home?’ And after much confusion whether to accept the invite or not I felt why not give them a try. Also the KV branch at Nungambakkam as received good feedback.

So finding the adyar KV location seemed easy with the help of map. As I entered their vast dining arena at first floor their ambience seemed neat and good. There wasn’t any need to wait and we got on to the food immediately; soup and starters choice where left to the Chef and for mains and dessert we choose a few of their classics. So here’s my likes and dislikes about their food.

Before the Soup could arrive they kept a shot of watermelon juice. The overdose of sugar in the juice could be reduced but considering the sun’s cruelty it seemed like a perfect energizer.

Krishnavilasam - Restaurant Review - Chennai
Moong Dal Ka Shorba, the soup missed the mark; seemed like eating a diluted version of boiled dal. The soup definitely needed more time on the stove as the uncooked flavor of Chilli-powder hits you. This isn’t the soup I prefer.

This was the favorite part of the entire meal, the Starters! Loved all the starters but if I had to pick the best then that would be “Kung fu Fungi (Mushroom Manchurian)”. The crispy mushrooms were delicious in the Manchurian sauce, an absolute delight.

Krishnavilasam - Restaurant Review - Chennai - mushroom
Mushroom Manchurian
Krishnavilasam - Restaurant Review - Chennai - vazhapoo cutlet
Vazhapoo Cutlet
Tulasi Vadai
Vazhapoo Cutlet with Beetroot chutney was again one of the good ones. The beetroot chutney is the best side for cutlets as they cut through the bitterness of Vazhapoo (banana flower).
The crispy bites of chenna dal along with strong flavor Tulasi (Basil) couldn’t go wrong. Chennai being the home of Masala Vadai they can’t dare to present something mediocre and I loved the Tulasi Vadai (same as masala vadai with addition of basil).

Krishnavilasam - Adyar - Restaurant Review - Chennai
Krishnavilasam - Adyar - Restaurant Review - Chennai
Mughlai Sheekh Kebabs was rich and soft but I favor spicy kebabs more than sweet ones. So when the sweetness got overboard I stopped biting through them. But my fellow foodies loved the kebabs. Finally, the Sambar Vada – Yum!

Vishesha Sapadu
The default choice for mains was Vishesha Sapadu as every one of us was excited to taste the sumptuous meal after seeing the pictures. The crispy Masala Vada and hot steamed rice with my favorite curries (Dal, Vathakulambu, Sambar and Rasam) was perfect. The Keerai Kuttu was the best and no less where the Avial and Beetroot Poriyal. The biriyani and kurma wasn’t a favorite. And for the Sapadu finale, mouthful of curd rice with pickle and final lick of blissful Vermicelli (semiya) Payasam spreads happiness. The price you pay for the Sapadu seems hefty but taste wouldn’t be a disappointment.

Krishnavilasam - Adyar - Restaurant Review - Chennai
Veg Biriyani and Raitha, it was average in comparison to the meals.
Wheat Paratha meant softness; such fluffy and soft parathas with a yummy Kadala Curry. I didn’t enjoy the Kurma much. Finally, the crispy Onion Rava Dosai arrived before the desserts.

Krishnavilasam - Adyar - Restaurant Review - Chennai
Dosa, Gravies, Paratha
The evergreen and ever-favorite Indian delights are the perfect way to say goodbye to a meal. Chintamani Halwa and Elaneer (Tender Coconut) Payasam were near perfection in taste. The halwa is almost similar to Thirunelveli wheat halwa; the ghee dripping through the smooth halwa is an ecstasy that would leave craving. I loved the Elaneer Payasam but it wasn’t one of the best I have tasted; well it’s good!   

Krishnavilasam - Adyar - Restaurant Review - Chennai
Krishnavilasam - Adyar - Restaurant Review - Chennai
Elaneer Payasam
The service and the finesse in food presentation elevate the experience.

Breaking Down Points
Location & Parking: Positive. Find the place at ease and a huge parking lot.
Ambience: Good. Neat and simple.
Food Variety: Positive. Covers almost everything in the cuisine they tag themselves.
Taste: Good. No complaints about food but there wasn’t anything extraordinary that would force me to visit often.
Quality: Positive. Presentation and quality of food was good.
Quantity: Good. Isn’t ideal for huge sharing but the portion size seems perfect to share among two.
Service: Good. Almost perfect.
Pricing: NA. Glancing through the menu I would say “Costly”; though they have their justification I find it weird to pay more for South-Indian food. I will leave the pricing judgment at your court until I go for a paid visit.

My Favorites: Mushroom Manchurian, Tulasi Vadai, Vishesha Sapadu, Chintamani Halwa.

Krishnavilasam - Adyar - Restaurant Review - Chennai
So my Verdict!
Krishnavilasam will leave you with memories of tasty food, hearty South-Indian favorites and a wholesome family dining experience. Apart from the price and quantity I find everything else to their favor. It is an ideal place for people who are looking for extravagant food dining experience with core importance to vegetarian food.

P.S. This write-up is based on my food palate & dining experience during my restaurant visit. On-the-house invite by the restaurant. Remember, no two person’s palate can be same.

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  1. The presentation of the food looks great! I wish we had something like this in Mumnbai too... a place other than Udupi or gourmet where one can enjoy a good south indian meal

    1. Yeah, chennai as lots of authentic South Indian places with perfect elegance and twist given to food presentation and tasting. Hope Mumbai gets few such places like this! If not drop to Chennai sometime ;-)
      Guess you enjoyed the post! Keep visiting :-)


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