To-do-list for every INDIANS..

This might be a familiar list, but I couldn't see or feel the change so I thought why not repeating it again. Only then it can reach out to mass and can create a real impact.

Can you recognize the value of our currency INR to Dollar at the time of independence? It is same as dollar, i.e.  $ 1 = Rs 1 but what is the position today?  $ 1 = Rs 60! And the estimated value at the end of this  year is approximately 70! Our national currency INR gets weaker day by day ultimately resulting in the dollar’s rise (And the irony is we think as if the Dollar is getting stronger day by day!)

'What went wrong?' and 'when it went wrong?' are not the subjects to be discussed at this point. What can be done in order to bring back our currency to the state where it started, matters the most.

Nobody is responsible for the fall except us. In olden days, during the monarchy, money emerges from the King and then extends to the employees in the contour of a salary, which is spent on the market and it ultimately goes back to the King as tax. Whatever or however this cycle occurs, the important thing you need to realize is that our money is with us and it rotates around us. And what happens today is quite an opposite, i.e. people earn and spend the money at the marketplace buying foreign goods and our money goes out from our nation, hence resulting in all kinds of trouble i.e. inflation, depreciation, and a lot more economic terms that you can find out in our national dailies. Government should also be blamed for introducing foreign goods in Indian markets in the name of FDI, but the ultimate responsibility lay with us. What can you do to change this?

Simple, buy Indian products. Again, it might sound familiar, but still that could do the difference!

  1. Lassi, Tender coconut, lemon sherbath, Fruit-mixer, Jigarthanda are very refreshing and has their unique flavour. Why cant we try it instead of Coke or Pepsi? Did you know? Every soft drink has been produced for just 60-70 paise, whereas it is sold at the cost of Rs 10-20 and even more in some shopping centres. If at all you want to go for carbonated drink, try Bovonto and other Kalimark products as it is our product.
  2. I am sure our own products like Cinthol, Santoor, Medimix, Neem can soothe your skin and polish it well so let us give it a chance rather than going for of Lux, Lifebuoy, Rexona, Dove, Pears. Did you know? Hamam is not an Indian product, most of us consider it as our own product but it is not.
  3. Remember Vicco vajrathanthi Advertisement in DD?? Definitely it is a very good replacement for Colgate, Pepsodent, Close-up.
  4. Why going for ponds, Johnson-n-Johnson, shower-to-shower when you can find our own beauty products like Cinthol, Gokul, Santoor, Boroplus.
  5. Planning to gift a watch to your loved one? Go for Fastract, Titan raga, Sonata instead of Omega, Citizen, Tissot, Casio and others.
Most importantly, Mobiles! I have witnessed people being crazy about Apple iPhones. Ofcourse it is unique and has its own style, but my tip is, when you can find a mobile (Micromax, Karbon, for example) with all the features wiz-a-wiz iPhone or Samsung  in a reasonable (attractive) price why can’t we go for it? I am sure this sounds a bit controversial, but trust me when I tell you I am not a marketing agent for any of these products mentioned above. Consider this as a proclamation from a patriotic idiot instead.

None of the Indian products are subordinate in quality, they might look a bit less fancy, that’s it!

Why is China so ahead, because they use their own products and also export it to the whole world.

We blame politicians for everything, but how much we contribute to our own nation’s development?

Changes come from within! Let us be the change!
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  1. wow....great information!!!
    Some of the facts like Hamam are really stunning.
    Need to start focusing on our products as aa true citizen.

    1. Thank you Revathy for commenting. I appreciate your approach!

  2. A Nice read. Few sounds impractical though :)

    1. Thank you Preethi for reading my post. I understand your opinion but something has to be done from our side instead of giving complete responsibility to our politicians and bureaucrats. It may sound impractical but achievable.


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