My Bucket list: 10 things to do before I die

I was pondering my head to write something on my blog and then I came across this topic in IndiBlogger #IndiSpire. Thanks to @Kapil Rajyaguru to come up with such a unique and interesting topic.

Alright! Let’s get into business. Here comes my list of ten things that I would love to do before I die. I like to put forth my list in a descending order, nothing special, just felt so.

#10. Giving a lecture at my College/School

Giving lecture and communicating things to people of different segments at varying localities is a part of my profession and as well a part in me. And one thing I wish, is to be invited as a chief guest in my college or school where I could go and give a talk (definitely inspirational). Nothing as special as speaking in front of the home crowd right!

#9. To pen-down some short-stories

I keep asking myself, What you aspire to be? A good story-teller! Yes! A good interactive and interesting short-stories that could inspire children and that's what I aspire to be. Also I love to watch my own stories as a feature film as well.

#8.  Own a house

I hope most of you might have this wish in their bucket list, that’s obvious. I wish my home to be unique and eco-friendly. I would go for Green-housing concept for constructing my sweet-home. Thereby, living a peaceful and happy life without disturbing or causing trouble to the environment and its belongings at any means.

#7. Have a bunch of photo albums to my credits

My lens never hesitates to click on seeing the beautiful sights around us. I would like to prepare a bunch of photo-albums with all the snaps I clicked so far. Definitely, an album of 'Flora and Fauna' for sure (My lens won't stop at them).

#6. Go for a world tour with my better-half

Travelling is always been a part in me, right from my college days to work, I travel a lot and I never get tired. I love to travel around the world with my sweetheart, see new places, eat their ethnic food and understand their culture.

#5. Experience the WILD, ALONE!

Wild is the place where you can find your inner strength and charisma. And undoubtedly a place with some blissful scenes and attractive colours where you can experience a life of a different kind. I want to be in the wild for at least a week alone (even without my camera) and see what nature is offering to me.

#4. Skydiving

OMG! SKYDIVING! I am longing for this. At this point I could not afford this as it is considered as one of an elite-games in our nation. But this is on my bucket list with high priority.

#3. Scubadiving

Yet another elite addition in my list. Experiencing wild as I said before also includes deep seas and there comes Scubadiving. It needs some expertly advice and practice. I will be glad if somebody can help me out with it.

#2. Mountaineering and Rock-climbing

I am a sporty guy and I play almost all games. And when it comes to adventure sports, I am that crazy lad you are looking for. I, in fact, went for a mountain trek in steep western ghats. When some people chose safe and boring path, I along with few brave champs chose a daring-yet-dangerous path. I love it! And want to do a lot more than that. Bear Grills is my inspiration and I want to implement few of his techniques while in field. Somebody please help me out in giving any contact details where I can go, enjoy doing mountaineering and rock climbing.  

#1. Visit IMA (Indian Military Academy)

Getting into uniformed service is always been a passion and ambition for me. When I say uniformed service there are lots of options, but my first preference goes to 'The Indian army.' I tried to get into the force and even attended SSB interviews almost thrice but my bad, I couldn't clear. I should have prepared well, I keep hitting myself again and again. But still I have a chance. Yes! TERRITORIAL ARMY! If not I will make sure to visit it atleast once in my lifetime.
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  1. Aww that was a compilation Gowthama!
    "Giving a lecture at my College/School"- seen my closest person to pass away without getting this wish fulfilled... anyway, not a good memory to recall...
    You seem to be another photo enthusiast and adventure lover!!! Keep rocking man :-)

    1. Thanks for your comment Anunoy. I will do whatever it takes, to fulfill my list.

  2. Though u have shared it with me always! It feels good to read through your mind again Mr.Husband :-) And i'm waiting for the world tour!

    1. Very sweet of you. Countdown starts for the world tour..

  3. May your dreams come true! Amen.....

  4. Achievable ones! All the best!

  5. Hey thats a great and interesting list....All the best to achieve this soon and have the NEXT list ready to go...
    btw well written Gowtham...

    1. Very pleasing and encouraging Madhavi. Thank you so much!

      I am preparing a To-Do-list now.. Will be posting next week ;-)

  6. All the Best For Your Wishes -By Revathy.K


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