My Top Five... What is your's??

Everyone has their own list of films that they love to watch again and again, so do I. I watch, enjoy and rate movies based on four important criteria's i.e, Story, Screenplay, Performance and Music. I have a great list of movies and here comes the best among the lot...

1. Life is Beautiful (Story, Performance)
An affectionate father who is struck in Nazi camp along with his kid tries to protect him in his own style. As title sounds, life is portrayed in a beautiful manner and creates a WOW factor at each and every frames. Guido and Joshua combination with innocent-yet-hilarious dialogues were not only engaging but also explains the intensity of the father-son relationship. Guido's (Roberto Benigni) amusing brilliance, Dora's innocent romance, Joshua's curiosity and a lot more to watch out. There is no particular performance I could point as the whole team has done a fabulous job. 

2. Memento (Screenplay)
An intelligent short-term-memory-loss patient tries to kill a person who killed his wife. This film is all about Christopher Nolan and his way of narrating tales. Characterization of the central role portrayed with both pain of losing his wife and a strange medical condition in noteworthy. Characterization and casting is magnificent and screenplay is a stand-out performer. I believe the term 'Nolanic-style' emerged from this movie. This film can be considered as new-age story telling as it conveys the message with such a complex screenplay.

3. Forrest Gump (Performance)
A tale of not-so-intelligent person's romance and historic moments. Who can forget Tom Hanks remarable performance in this movie? He hasn't just performed, but lived as Forrest Gump in this movie and not to his surprise it fetched him an Academy Award as well. People say Tom Hanks deserved the Oscars for his amazing performance, but to my concern the Oscars deserved to be in the hands of Forrest Gump. Perhaps, he is an only actor to win that prestigious award back-to-back. 

4. The Sixth Sense (Story and Screenplay)
A child psychologist discovers that his patient, a child, can communicate with dead spirits without knowing that he himself is one. M. Night Shyamalan has a tremendous ability to make a thrilling as well as philosophical with a simple bedtime tale. Bruce Willis, a child psychologist, has done an excellent job along with his kiddo-patient, Haley Joel Osment, who with his destitute and frightened looks captured the audience.

5. The Dark Knight (Music and Performance)
Things were going fine in Gotham when Gordon and Harvey Dent along with Batman launches a mission against all the rout. There comes an amusing clounn, Joker, who rises against all odds and also turns the city and its heroes to his level. Typical Nolanic movie with eye-catching visuals, brilliant screenplay and powerful dialogues (remember..? Why so serious? Let's put some smile on this face!). Heath Ledger has come up with a performance of his lifetime winning an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor. Although there are many noteworthy things in this movie, nothing can stand before Hans Zimmer's composition (especially BGM).

Hope you guys enjoyed my list. If at all you missed any of this movies, go watch it soon and share your comments here. Also start sharing your favorite five with me. 

Let us share and have fun...
My Top Five... What is your's?? My Top Five... What is your's?? Reviewed by Gowthama Rajavelu on 13:03 Rating: 5


  1. excellent movies!!!

  2. I have seen 1,3 and 4. And they indeed were gripping movies.!

    1. Thanks for your comment Mridula.

      Good that you watched some of the beautiful movies. You might have a great list of five movies I guess. I will be glad if you can share your list here..

    2. wil watch ur favourite as soon as possible!
      i've a long list of movies, cant really name just 5!
      rang de basanthi
      beautiful mind
      the prestige
      kannathil muthamittal
      3 idiots
      zindagi naa milegi dobara
      anbe sivam
      taare zameen par
      and it'll go on.....

    3. Thanks for your comment. Good to see another movie freak to visit my blog as I consider myself as one.

  3. Roja
    Mouna Raagam

    1. Thanks for your comment Revathi. Seems like you are a very big fan of Maniratnam! Good list of pleasing movies though!


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