Hey its Saturday, time to party!!!

Topper in any subject??? Bought new dresses??? Succeeded in LOVE???

Weekend party is the most common thing and if it comes within our budget it will be even more enjoyable. Here comes my weekend party with my friends, the dishes are; Two parotas (so-called State meal of Tamilnadu), one vegetable puff and one lemon juice. You know what! We eat all these stuffs for just 10 rupees per person and for God sake it didn't happen some 25 years back.

Initially we started our TREAT with this budget i.e. 10 per person. We used to be in class, physically though, before starting to hotel on the TREAT-day. Without wasting a minute will rush to our famous Military Hotel soon after hearing the word ‘Thank you students’ from our class teacher. Vow! Those were delicious parota’s (two in numbers) I have ever had in my life that too for Rs. 5. Then, we usually have a funny habit of discussing various issues ranging from ‘when India will become economic power house’ to ‘which figure is the best in our class’ with a crunchy bite of hot puff in our favorite Aiyengar Bakery. After our group discussion session, a glass of cool lemon juice quenches our thirst as well as marks the end of our TREAT.

In a month’s time, the number of parotas we used to have for Rs. 5 got down to oneL. Slowly we removed parota from our list and continued with the other dishes i.e. puff and lemon juice. At one point of time we were not in a position to afford even these two as the price went up but our budget remain the same. At last we end up having just a juice, be it lemon or orange (cheapest of all juices), still terming it as TREAT.

‘Why can't you increase your budget?’ you may ask but what to do money problem boss. This is what is termed as Inflation; rise in the general level of prices of goods and services in an economy over a period of time. If price increases, people’s standard of living should also increase whereas it is not and there comes the problem. Anyway, I am not an economist to analysis India’s growth trend whereas what I can do is just explain my own experience in this competitive world in tackling money. And that’s what I tried here by explaining our standard of living in satisfying our day-to-day desires (TREAT).

Alright, lets forget the issues for now and get ready to party. Because its saturday. Lets Party!
Hey its Saturday, time to party!!! Hey its Saturday, time to party!!! Reviewed by Gowthama Rajavelu on 12:17 Rating: 5


  1. Its great and eye opener to everybody especially to youth who has to plan their carrier with care. Except scolding something to blame and some body we need to realize the importance of improve our living standards as well...

    Its a basic and motivation to face the battle of daily life

  2. Thank you for your comment. Your view is very true about the present scenario we are into.

  3. The best part is you have still been parting ...10 rupees will not get you even a toffee soon!

    Great pictures, makes me wanna have them now...I am ready to pay 20 bucks for them!

    1. Rightly said Alok, we never partying. Only thing is the rise in rates but no change in salary :-(

  4. Very Nice article..missing old days..could have been better if you had add incidents during retreat.

    1. I miss it a lot. Very good suggestion. I will think about it and will come up with another post including all those funny incidents.


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