Canadian Crepe Company - Greams Road, Chennai - Restaurant Review

What: Canadian Crepe Company
Where: Murugesan Naicker Complex, Greams Road, Chennai
Cuisine: Café, Desserts

Resembling our very own Dosa these thin and soft pancakes are a delight to indulge into with apt stuffing and toppings. Crepes isn’t new to the food lovers of Chennai but to find one with right consistency, taste (especially when they are eggless) and to price them at affordable rate is a combination hard to find. And guess where I did find all this, at C3 (Canadian Crepe Company).

It took a while to reach the crepe destination as they weren’t properly listed on the maps; the exact opposite road to ‘Savoury Sea Shell’ and next to Dhabba Express are the floating autumn leaves inviting you to the small wooden palace. The study lamps, cutlery holders and the furniture made me fall in love with that place. The menu is all about crepes and drinks (P.S. they are planning to add more to their category in the near future).

With crepe being their soul food, ordered them along with the drinks. There costliest one and the best is Choco Mint shake; perfect flavor balance from chocolate and mint, just loved it. With health perspective put front, the yoghurt smoothies were the next picks. Ruby Red and The King Smoothie were good compared to the ATF smoothie which happened to be my choice. Though the diet-conscious fellas loved it I wasn’t a big fan. The combination of ingredients and usage of honey and yogurt instead of sugar and milk is a nice thought. Choose the one with your favorite combination so you might enjoy but they have to work on the drinks consistency; same drink came out with two different consistencies which made it little distasteful.

So yeah, let me come to the main agenda – The Crepe. Savory, Flavors of India and Classics are the categories they have. I was in complete love with most of their crepe, except for a few glitches here and there; and they took the feedbacks positively.

Flavors of India shall be the perfect order when you drop with your parents. The Madras Crepe with drizzle of gun powder along with gun-powder mayo and spiced potato stuffing would rekindle the Podi Dosa memories, just lessening the coconut flavor would make it perfect for South Indian food fans.

Madras Crepe
Digging into Wrap Chick Mumbai, the combination of mint chutney and masala potato is another favorite for Masal Dosa lovers. The best stuffing out of the Indian crepes but didn’t go quite well with the crepe was Dhak Dhak Dilli; the paneer bhurji was yum but I didn’t enjoy the Khatta-Meetha dahi.

Wrap Chick
Dhak Dhak Dilli
Coming to the Savoury Crepe collection, they were the BEST. By majority votes the winner is ‘Le French Gruyere’, a mix of every perfect element on earth – mushroom, corn, gruyere cheese and white sauce. And bagging the immediate next place was Pattaya to Phuket, Thai essence at its best with the roasted peanut enhancing the tofu, pakchi and curry coconut cream stuff.

French Gruyere
Pattaya to Phuket
Italian Job
Sun blushed tomato, pesto and olives are the classic ones that made the Italian Job taste just right. A good combination joining hands with decent taste was Mexican Delight and The American. Mexican would have been better with Red Kidney Bean addition, though not mandatory that makes the stuffing taste great. Finally, The American with sliced potato rather than mash potato as mentioned in description was a little misleading but the taste had no complaints.

“If it isn’t a sweet end then let that not been an ending”, says ‘Me’. And their came the Classics with Nutella & Banana being one of the success combination and yet again they proved to taste delicious. The touch of Cinnamon in desserts would double the excitement for me as that’s a definite magically tap. And these two desserts didn’t prove that wrong, ‘Apple Crepe’ and ‘Cinnamon, Butter, Sugar Crepe’ makes your senses happy during every single bite. The ice-cream that comes along with sweet crepes is real good.

Apple Cinnamon
Nutella Banana
With addition of Devil Shake to their menu it was hard to leave the place without having a sip. With overflowing chocolate shake, ice-creams, sprinkles and sponge finger biscuit creating visual-treat the taste didn’t go wrong but shall definitely they should work on the consistency which was watery.

Breaking Down Points
Location & Parking: Positive. With exact landmark it’s easily to spot and small parking space.
Ambience: Positive. A graceful beauty, loved it.
Food Variety: Positive. To the point with all focus to Crepe; veg-friendly.
Taste: Good. Correcting few hiccups in flavors would make them perfect. Quality: Good. Presentation and crepe quality was bang-on. Drinks they have to focus more.
Quantity: Positive. Designed for one person and would be filling.
Service: Good. Prompt and friendly
Price: NA. One of the crepe places that I shall dare to visit again as they are priced reasonable. Though cost for two would come around Rs. 800-1000 INR, which definitely feels affordable compared to some posh crepe destinations of Chennai.

So my Verdict!
Canadian Crepe Company! Crepe, crepe everywhere and you shall dare not say no. Taste, flavor combinations and price are their positive forte. And vegetarians, here you have eggless crepe just to comfort your soul.

P.S. This write-up is based my food palate and dining experience during my restaurant visit. On-the-house invite for tasting session. Remember, no two person’s palate can be same. 

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Canadian Crepe Company - Greams Road, Chennai - Restaurant Review Canadian Crepe Company - Greams Road, Chennai - Restaurant Review Reviewed by Divya Srinivasan on 19:32 Rating: 5


  1. Nice review! They call dosas also crepes here in the US! 😊

    1. Thanks Archana :-) No wonder they are sisters then :-)

  2. A very exhaustive review.. loved reading it :)

    1. Thanks Maitreni!! Hope you enjoyed reading :-)

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