When do our parties include environmental benefits in their election manifestos?

Development is the foremost agenda every nation follows to come up, especially the developing nations. They compete among themselves showcasing their industrial supremacy in order to earn that ‘Developed Nation’ tag. Environment and Nature has become their least priority as development itself is planned at the cost of environment. This kind of unplanned activity definitely leads to excessive carbon emission to the atmosphere resulting in global warming and of course adverse climatic change, which we are experiencing in the form of floods, cyclone, heat waves, etc.

Just like carbon emission there is a concept called carbon negative. While the former indicates the amount of carbon-di-oxide (green house gas) contributed to the atmosphere, the latter signifies the exact opposite of it i.e. cutting down the carbon from the atmosphere. This is quite interesting. Isn’t it?

As we speak more about the emission these days, one country concentrate more on the second one i.e. carbon negative phenomenon. The entire nation acts as a carbon sink. Yes, they absorb carbon from the atmosphere just like ocean or dense forest. It is a tiny landlocked nation falling in the eastern Himalayas. Yes you guessed it right, its BHUTAN. This 18-minutes speech from Tshering Tobgay, the Prime Minister of Bhutan explains it all at ease. Trust me, this 18-minutes is really worth your time.

India, being biodiversity-rich nation, should take inspiration from this tiny nation and follow their footsteps in order to become a developed as well as a risk-free country. What is the point of development when you don’t have a clean air to breath, pure water to drink or an hygienic sanitary condition? 

It all starts from the contesting parties. Their election manifestos should be framed with strong environmental conservation goals instead of freebies. Giving away free laptop, television, mixie, fan or any electronic equipment to that matter is anti-environmental. These electronic equipment's lead to excessive energy consumption ultimately resulting in power shortage.

Government should adopt a well-planned environmental management laws and also take necessary action to implement it to the perfection.

Alright, considering all these above factors can you just name one party in India that has at least one factor w.r.t. environment in their election manifesto?
When do our parties include environmental benefits in their election manifestos? When do our parties include environmental benefits in their election manifestos? Reviewed by Gowthama Rajavelu on 23:50 Rating: 5


  1. These leaders keep neglecting the basic needs of life or they fail to see environment protection too is a basic need of people. Very well highlighted.

    1. Glad that I made my point clearly. Yeah these people will never understand the intensity of environmental degradation. Even they will face it yet are very ignorant to take measures.


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