Naanum Rowdy than - Movie Review

My Rating - 3.8 / 5

Clean shaved, toned physique, smart looking Vijay Sethupathi and cute-n-hot Nayanthara on screen made me book the tickets for the movie ‘Naanum Rowdy than.’ Though the colour tone didn’t match, there was a sizzling chemistry between the lead pair.

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Naanum Rowdy than review
Vijay Sethupathi comes back to form after some disastrous box-office outing in his last few  attempts. He is becoming a star in dark comedy genres. Remember Soothu Kavvum?

Let’s get into details. As you know, I review movies based on Story, Screenplay, Music and Performances.

What makes you stay seated?

Music by Anirudh was not only soothing but also moving along with the story, helping Vignesh Shivan (Director) in narrating the story and acts as the biggest star in the movie. Dhanush and Anirudh have an amazing bond as each time they join together, the album comes out to be a chart-buster; Dhanush is not an actor here though. Starting from the thangamey to the final Enai Maatrum Kaathale, every song is unique, peppy and ear-soothing. The BGM goes well with the narration and the characters, adding value to the plot. On the whole, he has done complete justice to the phrase ‘An Anirudh Musical.’

Performance is another big plus with this movie as every single actor have done a fabulous job replicating their characters. Vijay Sethupathi, known for his body language and express-paced dialogue delivery, has rocked yet again with the characterisation that suits him best. Apart from his witty expressions and one-liners, he also captures audience with his romantic eyes whenever he sees his girl. Nayanthara is getting cuter day by day. She is innocent, witty and also egotistical in killing the man who is responsible for her parent's death. RJ Balaji, Parthiban, Anand Raj, Mansoor Ali Khan and co has done their part neatly to perfection.

VigneshShivan, whose debut film podaa podi didn't go well in box-office, took time (three years) in penning down his next script. The script definitely comes out to be a neat, entertaining and romantic one without much of flaws. He really worked on the screenplay, which was a big letdown in his first outing. Be it an amusing dialogue, simple yet lovely setting and selection of crew, he has done everything right about it. In addition to that, George William's lens has made every frame so vivid and rich; Sreekar Prasad's editing has brought about a precision in the length of the visuals and crispness in the scenes.

What would have been better?

Story would have been better as it is too simple to catch up with the other departments. Pandi (Vijay Sethupathi), an aspiring rowdy, fall in love with hearing-impaired Kadambari (Nayanthara). She seeks his help to kill a mighty don Killi valavan (Parthiban) who is responsible for her parent's death. Pandi, although is fear of rowdies, uses this opportunity to prove his might and also get a hold on his love. The thrilling chase for the revenge is set out in unexpectedly entertaining manner.

What is more compromising about the movie is its simplistic approach. In that context, story is better than ever. Vignesh Shivan proves out to be yet another notable newbie in the pool of young talents coming up every day.

Wunderbar Film banner has done it again not only by giving way to the young talent but also producing back to back entertaining movies.


Watch Naanum Rowdy than and relax your facial muscle as it a serious laugh riot. Entertainment uncompromised!

My Rating

Story - 2.5/5
Screenplay - 4/5
Performances - 4.5/5
Music - 4.5/5

Naanum Rowdy than - Movie Review Naanum Rowdy than - Movie Review Reviewed by Gowthama Rajavelu on 22:25 Rating: 5


  1. Thanks for the review. Will add it to my growing list of movies to watch.

    1. Watch it soon Arun before new movies vacates it from the theatres. Diwali season!

  2. Nice take! Sounds somewhat interesting for my taste :)

    1. You will love and enjoy this movie Teny. Just watch it within this week, big banners are lining up for Diwali release. Kamal Hassan movie is releasing as well.


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