Endless Tales of Corona - 6


Chapter 6: Trouble or Help?

By Arulmozhi Kamaraj

“What? See Mat I know you went and touched the verge of death but this is completely insane? They are tribals, see their innocent face?”

“Every innocent face has a wild side”, shrugged Matthew.

“It’s ok I am not going to argue whether they are innocent or not. Firstly, I want to leave this sick place now. And secondly, I don’t want to play a role here. I saw these two giant mountain of spiked animals which tried to kill you! And you here, want me to find the cure, in this very damned place?!” said Nikhil in a worried frown. 

Matthew blinked at him and hugged him. “I know you are worried about our lives. But come to think of it, we can save the world!”

By now, Nikhil knew he didn’t have a choice and slowly made up his mind to stay with Matt than leave him alone in the island. “Promise me we will be safe and reach our place with our soul,” said Nikhil.

Matthew grinned at him. “Of course, Nikhil.”

As they were talking, they heard a strange sound. They felt as though somebody, or something had been spying on them.

Matthew signaled Nikhil to be quiet. He spotted a shadow behind the trees. Sneaking softly, he towards it in attempt to catch it red-handed.

To his surprise it was a woman from the ‘normal’ world. She looked intelligent and smart. But, Matthew was surprised to find her all alone in the island. When he enquired, she introduced herself to Matthew. “I am Stephi, microbiologist. I came to this island with my crew to find the medicine for corona virus, but we got lost.”

“Mattttt……” the voice of Nikhil was heard far away. Matthew ran towards him. He saw Nikhil was surrounded by the tribal who were by now, tying him to a tree. They poured a greenish liquid on Nikhil, rolled their tongue and made a weird sound.

Trouble in Paradise painting by Daphne Petrohilos 

Matthew, who was watching this from behind the words felt a sudden surge of fire to fight the tribes and save his friend. He knew he was outnumbered yet wanted to fight his might.

As Matthew emerged from the bushes, something held him back. As he tried to pull away, the grip tightened over his hand.

- To be continued - 

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About the writer - Arulmozhi is a creative lad, love to play with word and have fun. Deceptive in appearance, she is a fun-filled and energetic character and believes that her most valuable possessions in life are books. Read her stories here

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