My Top 5 Healthy Food Alternatives at Chennai

I go by the mantra, "Live to Eat". Being the most loved job, I never restrict myself from experimenting new food or cuisine. But the most important thing I forget during this food journey is to respect and care for my health.

Healthy eating isn't about restricting ourselves from tasty food or eating uncooked food. I would translate 'Healthy' as 'Balanced'; so balanced eating or meal is all that we need. So compromising taste isn't my cup of tea; so I have been hunting for places that would excite me by serving a balanced and tasty meal.

Many nook-and-corner of Chennai is glowing with organic stores and healthy food options. Among the many, here are my top 5 picks around the city that serves a balanced meal both in terms of health and taste.

Here goes the list:
Green Cafe
They use organic ingredients to cook and serve balanced and gluten free millets based vegan food. There delicious menu would rekindle the forgotten South Indian traditional food. Kozhukattai, Paniyaram and Millets Pongal are my favourite.
For a detailed review of Green Cafe, click here.

Address: Crescent Park Road, Near Natesan Park, T.Nagar, Chennai.
Opening Hours: 11 AM - 3 PM, 6.30 PM - 10 PM
Budget for 2: Rs. 500 INR (approx.)

Prems Graama Bhojanam
They serve millet based authentic South-Indian delicacies for lunch and dinner. Simple yet delicious; seeing those forgotten food delights would widen our chins. Must try is their Millets Dosa and Thattu Idly.  

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Address: Sardar Patel Road, Next to GRT, Adyar, Chennai.
Opening Hours: 12 PM - 3 PM, 7 PM - 10 PM
Budget for 2: Rs. 300 INR (approx.)

KA - The Organic Restaurant
Similar to Green Cafe, they set perfect example for unified agricultural process - they grow, they sell, they make and they serve. A thoughtful dining space that focus on organic food preparation and serve some delicious cluster of South-Indian food. Must try is Millets Dosa, Millets Pongal and Bajri Soup.
For a detailed review of KA, click here.

Address: 16th Cross Street, Besant Nagar, Chennai.
Opening Hours: 12 PM - 3 PM, 7 PM - 10 PM
Budget for 2: Rs. 500 INR (approx.)

A Salad Company
Their motto is to serve super delicious healthy meal without Preservatives, Transfat, MSG, Maida or deep Fried ingredients. They bring a right mix of nutritious food without compromising the taste. A tasty salad version.

Address: Delivery Only
Order Online - (Subscription Required)
Contact Number: +91 9444791746
Budget for 2: Rs. 350 INR (approx.)

Fresh, healthy and homemade salads and desserts is what they are about. Brilliant choice of ingredients make them unique and the meal tastes delicious than most fast-foods. They are pretty expensive.
For review of Re:Store, click here.

Address: Delivery Only
Contact Number: +91 9884070315
Budget for 2: Rs. 600 INR (approx.)

So these are my hand-picked top five favourites, which brings health and taste together. There are many restaurants growing across Chennai that dishes out menu which focuses on balanced healthy meal (if you know any please drop the restaurant name in comments). So, it's time to go healthy.
Until next one, Happy and Healthy Eating!

P.S. The food joints I have listed are my personal choices as well have mentioned only the places that I have tried eating. Also the budget for two is based on my experience after dining at the places. Remember, no two person's palate or experience can be same.
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  1. Should check on em..sharing s caring gal.. N u nailed it

    1. Thanks alot Kalpana :-) do check them out, you shouldn't be disappointed.

  2. Should check on em..sharing s caring gal.. N u nailed it

  3. Soo Ra Sang: It's a small cosy restaurant and now it's serving Authentic Korean food cause it is an offer here, There is a karaoke room if you like some added fun on you're evening out. phoenix pizza restaurant


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