Chapter 5 - The View of the Unknown

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As Priya opened the window, she was taken aback by the pack of diverse creatures approaching her with a strange illumination. She initially thought that the source of light was from a lantern but as they drew closer she realized that it’s within them.

A group emerged from the sea surface moved ahead piercing through the thick foliage and pristine sea, footing beneath them. They marched towards her in a unified manner neither hastily nor leisurely. With the glint of the full moon on a gloomy night, it was quite a view from the distance. Priya’s eyes scanned through the mass and spotted Nach with a lantern. She saw a few one-eyed tiny creatures and three-eyed gargantuan creatures taking their strides to the fore flanking along Nach, Chi Chi, Deb and others who welcomed her. Besides their eyes and size, the creatures looked alike with a sphere-shaped body with upper limbs and lower limbs protruding out; elongated neck connecting the oval-shaped face that has glossy eyes and pointed nose. The slender and thread like hairs (aka) tentacles were glistening like a star, which she realized was the reason behind the pack's illumination.

The group looked flawless even from a distance as the creatures were lined based on their height. Their glowing tentacles assisted her to get a clear picture of their faces.

Impressed by their ravishing display of unison that was shored up by the incredible blue-green patch, Priya grinned with zeal seemingly ignoring all the unanswered questions running inside her head. She did not even move a feet after witnessing this splendor.

As she was enjoying the sight, she was dumbstruck by a peculiar movement created within the group. The tiny creatures at the front row of the pack carved-off from the central point creating an incision at five meter radius dividing the group into two for a moment. Each of the tiny creatures who carved-off joined together after taking a semi-circular path along the radius. The rest of the pack literally followed the row ahead of them and created a circular space at the heart of the group. Priya looked suitably awed watching such a brilliant act that she has never witnessed anywhere before.

The circular space travelled along the group from inside until a bunch of human beings occupied it from nowhere. Priya gasped in astonishment to see the people of her gene amongst these creatures. What was more baffling was to spot her mother in the middle of the group.

She took a mad dash towards the pack, pushing herself out of the palace. As she approached the pack, they opened with the same semi-circular movement, creating a way for her to get inside the pack.

Picking up the pace after watching her mother in proximal distance, she screamed

After nearing her mother, Priya looked into her eyes and said, I missed you maa before embracing her. To her dismay, instead of feeling the warmth of her mother she felt cold.

She stood erect watching her mother's diminishing figure into the thin current of air. Tears started flowing down her eyes.

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  1. Good one and little that a dedication for children who are missing moms?

    1. Of course it is. I got this comment from many people and its very much motivating that my words got into their mind.

  2. The story ends with an anticipation, that is the very quality of a successful story that needs to be continued. Loved the narration as well..:-)

    Best of luck with the contest... :-)

    1. Thanks a ton Maniparna for your generous comment.

  3. A well narrated piece of story!! Good work. Keep going!!!

  4. Very well written! And the concept of continuing the story by a different blogger is amazing. It takes skill to carry forward the momentum :)

  5. Very well written! And the concept of continuing the story by a different blogger is amazing. It takes skill to carry forward the momentum :)

  6. Vey well done GR! Sorry I got to it so late because I was traveling for the past few days! Good luck buddy! :)

  7. Very interesting and horror narrations super. I also got it late. I like the way of handling and passing to next hand. Congrats.

    1. Glad you liked it. I guess everyone have done a great job.Thanks for the comment.


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