Mona Lisa and Italiano Cibo - Dario's - Restaurant Review

What: Dario’s
Where: Poes Garden, 2nd Street, Kasturi Rangan Road, Alwarpet, Chennai
Cuisine: Italian, Café (Pure Veg)

Chennai’s Italian destination and you haven’t been there?” would be the immediate reaction when I say I am yet to visit Dario’s. Yes, I am a Cheese lover and Italian Food Maniac and after tons of plans I finally visited Dario’s. With a scenic ambience at the serene lanes of Poes Garden, the Italian diner scores with their decor. And every side you turn there shall be Mona Lisa paintings that leave you enthralled until food takes its turn.  

It was a never ending enticing menu, wish they serve me everything but neither I could eat nor could pay for all. So calmed my senses and picked varied dishes to judge how the food overall excelled. Before the food there was complimentary bread to kill the wait and the breads were brilliant, soft and fresh. With such a beautiful piece of bread that Mint dip was a failure.

Slowly the waiter started approaching the table with the pungent smeller, yeah the ‘Funghi Soup’. Fresh, creamy and mushroomy is how I would describe; that would be a bowl of treasure for mushroom freaks. The brilliant start followed with a mediocre Appetizer Involitini Sanginiani and the description completely misled us. A lavish spinach stuffing or roll made of spinach is what I was dreaming and their came an usual Spring Roll stuffed with very little spinach, rice, sun-dried tomato and bell peppers. Only that cheesy delicious Spinach dip helped us to finish the rolls.

Funghi Soup
Spinach Roll with Dip
My staple Italian delight, Pizza and Pasta was ordered by default. The Rustica Pizza was palatable but I didn’t find any puffy crust rather it was very thin and crumbly. Though the taste was decent, the flavors didn’t interest me to grab another piece. And that wasn’t all, the most awaited Pasta dishes made their way and they stole the show and won heart & tummy! Gnocchi Do Massa Gnaziu, creamy tomato sauce and the potato gnocchi was delicious but who shall dare to compete with that creamy tortellini. So the ideal way to finish Italian mains is with Tortellini Formaggio & Funghi, cheese and mushroom stuffed tortellini cooked in cheese sauce was a powerful addictive than any drug. That was so good and I wouldn’t mind if the plates continuously get refilled.

Gnocchi Pasta
With cheese tickling all through the body, I was awaiting for Tiramisu and Chocolate Tart (Torta Di Stefano with Ice Cream). Surprisingly, the Tart was better than Tiramisu. Tiramisu missed the strong coffee flavor and the tart was yum with flaky base, chunks of brownie and sticky chocolate sauce which was a true delight with Vanilla ice-cream.

Tortellini Pasta
For the complete meal of 7 items the bill was Rs.2694 INR (including taxes); considering Italian and the locality that isn’t bad.

Breaking Down Points
Location & Parking: Positive. Locating shouldn't be tough and park on the street.
Ambience: Positive. Elegant and charming.
Food Variety: Positive. Surplus variety but they are strictly vegetarian.
Taste: Good. Almost there but they aren’t perfect.
Quality: Positive. Presentation and usage of ingredients are worth a mention.
Quantity: Positive. Food portions are perfectly designed for sharing.
Service: I’m Confused. They are quick but neither helpful in-terms of clearly explaining the menu nor as prompt as I wish them to be.
Price: Costly. Though they are priced high the food and quality deserves that.

So my Verdict!
Dario’s, might not be THE Italian destination of Chennai but they truly serve some lip-smacking dishes which you ought to try. A food paradise for vegetarians and Italian lovers but not a place you shall frequent considering the price.

P.S. This write-up is based my food palate and dining experience during my restaurant visit. Remember, no two person’s palate can be same. 

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Mona Lisa and Italiano Cibo - Dario's - Restaurant Review Mona Lisa and Italiano Cibo - Dario's - Restaurant Review Reviewed by Divya Srinivasan on 16:59 Rating: 5

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