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What: Main Street – The Residency Towers
Where: Pondy Bazaar, Sir Thyagaraya Road, T. Nagar, Chennai
Cuisine: European, Chinese, Japanese, North Indian, Thai

The Nearbuy (Groupon) coupon have been a savior when it comes to dining at posh restaurants. Main Street was resting in my bookmark for a while and finally a huge bonanza hit my way when I had the chance to purchase the coupon for Rs. 499 INR (the original coupon price was Rs.699 INR). Yes, a “Weekday Lunch Buffet with Unlimited Mocktails” at Main Street inclusive of taxes at Rs.499 INR was a dream. So fixed a date, bunked the work and booked the table for lunch for two (for Rs. 998 INR).

Driving through the busy streets of T Nagar and locating the mini skyscrapers of Chennai, The Residency Towers, is an easy job. As you enter through the doors of the restaurant, the Main Street is right there on the ground floor at the right corner. And there you enter into the streets of Europe, a skillfully set up place. The ambience is a perfect example that could bring the words, sensual and beauty together. The dining as well as the buffet arrangement is made neat.

Walking into the place, the ambience would be a photographers dream and I couldn’t resist myself from clicking a few extra. The buffet is vast spread starting from the soup till the spectacular desserts; you shall not be bored glancing through the food. And then I started filling my plate consciously (in terms of the portion) so I could try maximum dishes at the buffet.

Note: If the restaurant management is concerned about their diners clicking photo of the place I suggest they put a hoarding mentioning the same. Also couldn’t really understand the concern behind clicking pictures until they are misused.

Salad Counter
Started off with the salads and soup, with so much to eat the few salads I selected were decent in taste and the breads were brilliant. Soup wasn’t a favorite, the non-veg soup was better compared to the vegetarian soup but overall they missed the mark. As I set my eyes at the Chat counter and steaming hot Paniyaram I was excited to taste them but the chats were a disappointment. Pani Puri and Dahi Papdi Chat, two of my favorite ones and I didn’t enjoy them here. Neither the flavor nor the freshness from ingredients was found and to forgive the not-so-good chat I took a piece of Paniyaram and they were perfect. Hot, crispy outer layer and the crunchy toasted addition of cashews were yum.

Chat & Paniyaram
Curd Preparations
Before the mains, I tasted every single starter at the buffet and the non-vegetarian was won by hands down. The tandoor varieties in Chicken, Mutton and Fish tasted just right and the Vegetable Manchurian was a standout among the vegetarian starters. And finally the main course, it looked as they would never end and how would I miss anything in such a lavish spread! 

Veg Curries
Non-veg Curries
So tasted tiny portion of every dish at the spread to find the best, kick started with the Biriyani. The Mutton biriyani was the best pick in the complete meal though the veg tasted decent they were pushed to second place. The crispy Okra, Paneer Butter Masala and Chicken Gravy were good. Apart from these the main course in a single word is ‘disappointment’. The Indian breads served were dry and hard to even peel apart and the other gravies or rice and noodles in the mains were mediocre in taste. After ages I remember myself eating less at a buffet.


Veg & Mutton Biriyani
Note: The starters and main course consisted many more dishes but I have highlighted only the best tasting dishes in my post whereas the photos will have all the dishes at the buffet.

With a heavy heart I switched to the desserts hoping they could be a savior. The brownie and payasam were the best, divine and definitely a delight. The Indian sweets were again a standout and the others weren’t great. And the most disheartening part of the experience was mocktails, given a special mention as ‘Unlimited Mocktails’ at the coupon sounded as if they shall serve exclusive mocktails but it was the lime and orange drink which also was part of the buffet.

Oh! The Unlimited Mocktails
Desserts Counter
Though the food wasn’t as good as I wished it to be the deal gave the comfort of saving money. Rs.499 INR per person was indeed a jackpot else the buffet price ranges at Rs.950 INR on a weekday lunch.

Dahi Papdi Chat
Breaking Down Points
Location & Parking: Positive. Who wouldn’t know ‘The Residency Towers’? These are the boons.
Ambience: Positive. OMG! Brilliance.
Food Variety: Positive. Never-ending and ample for veg and non-veg.
Taste: Negative. If they don't fix this then they are in trouble.
Quality: Negative. Something they must work on. The food is cold so keeping minimal portion at the spread and constantly refilling them would be a good option.
Quantity: Positive. Unlimited. And it’s better they don’t mention mocktails separately as its part of the buffet.
Service: Positive. No complaints but they were a tad slow.
Price: Positive. The deal is perfect else the price isn’t a positive. Even for Rs.499, I wish they do more justice to the food.

So my Verdict!
Main Street, an eye-pleaser but wouldn’t please your palate or satisfy your hunger. If at all you want to visit grab the Nearbuy coupon and yeah that ambience would definitely not disappoint you.

P.S. This write-up is based my food palate and dining experience during my restaurant visit. Remember, no two person’s palate can be same. 

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