Biting Wit

After series of invitation, Shukla finally decided to visit his uncle’s home post his marriage, yet uninterested.

He hates his aunt. She, according to him, is a half-boiled egg, who finds fun by maddening others. He was constantly infuriated by her irritating dim-witted attitude. She was literate, yet uneducated. His mother’s constant knick-knacks pushed him to stopover her place for a while, may be for a cup of tea. Somehow he was convinced to leave behind his wife in his home so as to escape trouble.  

As he steps into their home, he was well-received with first-rated hospitality from a set of exciting and cherished acquaintances.

‘Aha, look who is here? At last Shukla has found a way to our home,’ giggled a middle-aged lady (of course his aunty) in a cynical tone.

‘Shut up Anandhi. Don’t mess with him,’ said his uncle in a rather serious tone.

‘Oh come on Dev, I was just kidding. Shukla beta would you like to have a cup of tea?

‘Coffee please, I am Tepidophobic!’ Shukla replied with a stern tone.

‘Tipii… what?’ her aunt looked absolutely perplexed.

‘Tepidophobic,’ Shulka retained his stern tone.

‘Alright, I will get you coffee then,’ puzzled aunt hurried to the kitchen, signaling her maid.

Meanwhile, his uncle chuckled and appreciated Shukla for his timely retort.

‘Here you go beta,’ his aunt hands over a cup of coffee to Shukla.

Her thoughts lost around that uncanny syllable she ever heard before. Couldn’t resist her troubling thoughts, she raised herself to Shukla.

‘Beta, what’s tipidaffobbee?’

‘It’s Tepidophobic idiot! It means Fear of Bad Tea,’ Dev busted out followed by Shukla.

‘Oh I see…’ she looked apprehensive.

Comprehending the circumstances, cracking the conundrum, after a while Anandhi lost herself and screamed out in utter frustration.

What the f…?!?!?
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