The Compass shows East - East Coast at Madras Square - Bloggers Meet

Outlet: Neelangarai

Address: 2/520, Sundeep Road, Neelangarai, Chennai

Cuisine: European, Continental, Italian

This modern classy restaurant proved to be one of those hidden gems. Madras Square is one place that I heard but never had the intention to visit considering the distance and hearing the not-so great reviews. Madras Square located at Neelankarai doesn’t just offer food; they have their gallery, floral boutique and spa products along with a brilliant dining space. There new revamped restaurant owns the name “East Coast at Madras Square”. A long trip to dine at Neelankarai sounded tedious when I got the bloggers meet (on-the-house) invite. But distance is something that never comes between my tummy and food. Until you’re familiar with Neelankarai it would be hard to locate. Whereas the maps are spot-on; just follow the maps and land at ‘Madras Square’.

East Coast @ Madras Square

Madras Square

As said, a hidden gem with mesmerizing ambience. You will fall in love with the ambience; loved every bit of the place. Being a meet, we did have the opportunity to meet the Management member Mathangi and chat a bit more about the place and food. A signature line-up that is hard to hate or resist from eating. We left the food choice to the owner; so let them serve us their best and we were ready to taste. So, let me talk about the food now.

Soup of the Day
Veg – Mushroom Soup: I myself was quiet surprised that I liked a mushroom soup, which I never would. The consistency and texture of the soup were light and refreshing. 
Non-Veg – Seafood Soup: It’s the seafood smell I am not fond of; so not my bowl of soup.
The bread and flavored butter were a blissful accomplishment for the soup.

Mushroom & Seafood Soup with Bread (Left-Right)

Creole spiced French Fries– The fries were blended so well in the toss mix of bell pepper, onion and spices flavor. I didn’t find the necessity of mint sauce, though it tasted well with fries.

Falafel – Was the weakest link for the meal. It tasted bland; except the crispy lentil bites I couldn’t find any relishing taste to the falafels. Even the hummus and mayo tasted quite flat for my palate.

Panko Chicken–The crispy panko crush over the moist chicken made the single bite delectable. The chilli mayo was the best compliment without which I wouldn’t have liked my bite.

French Fries


Panko Chicken

Crab Cake – though I like crab, I am not a fan of the smell. The outer crumb and the meaty cake was good with mustard sauce. But I would have enjoyed the version with less crab meat.

Bruschetta – This was a unanimous hit! The bread used was brilliant and toasted to perfection; fresh, flaky over the ends and soft at the center. They served three types of bruschetta: Tomato & Basil, Mushroom & Feta and Olives & Hummus. My favorite was Olives; followed by runners Tomato and Mushroom!

Prawn Tempura – Prawn is first on my dislike list among non-veg; even then I tasted a piece but I didn’t enjoy the taste. But I loved the Wasabi Mayo dip.

Crab Cake


Prawn Tempura


Margherita – We had both the with buffalo cheese and without cheese Margherita. Though the buffalo cheese made me drool more I absolutely loved the hit of fresh tomato with slight drizzle of parmesan (an extra toppings we requested).

Quattro Formaggio – It banged the ‘Best Pizza’ award. For me it was one of the best formaggio I have tasted. The biscuity pizza crush with overload of cheeses; I wouldn’t mind gaining extra fat if they could make such delicious pizzas.

Non-Veg Pizzas: Pollo Alla Pesto Chicken, Gambas (Prawn) Con Salsa di Panna Pepperoni – I didn’t taste them but the non-veg “food-gasmic” noises made me sense that they tasted good. They all looked dashing. The prawn garlic pizza and pepperoni were the unanimous winners.


Chicken, Pepperoni & Prawn Pizza

Aglio E Olio – One of easy and comfy pasta that I love to eat and cook often. I liked it but I missed the aglio; I love with when there lavish throw of garlic while making the pasta.

Basil Walnut Pesto – Call it old-fashion but I would prefer pine-nuts. The penne in pesto did taste good; the bold basil flavor is the style I like to have.


Pesto Pasta

Lamb Bolognese – The Bolognese sauce tasted yum; I would prefer veg version for my lamb dislike but tasted great. I hoped for more sauce; as the penne ran out to be dry sooner.

Carbonara – Being a veg favorer I never prefer the combination of carbonara. But the non-veges where drooling over it; so it’s a YES for carbonara.

Lamb & Carbonara

Steak & Chips and Stuffed Chicken – Didn’t taste them but the Steak looked gorgeous on the plate. No one really found any complaints both the dishes tasted good with special mention to steak.

Steak & Stuffed Chicken

Lemon Ice Tea

Lemon Ice Tea – I will always prefer a lesser iced-version; with too much ice-cubes the bold flavors of tea & lemon seemed hidden.

Banofee Pie & Theobroma – Taste-wise they scored full. But a smooth-silky texture was missing in the Theobroma and it was dense. May be the cream but if that could be corrected then the desserts is a hit.

Banofee Pie

The foodilicious evening couldn’t get any better; the soothing ambience, droolicious food and pampered service along with bunch of food cravers. Pricing and service were obviously meant to be good (being a blogger meet); but I admit the food was unexpectedly phenomenal with such quality and taste I would say the price they quote is a ‘Value for Money’ for the complete experience.


Breaking Down Points
Location & Parking: Ah, OK! Location is a positive if you’re travelling along the way or live close by. Parking, no worries – abundant space.

Ambience: Positive. Fabulous! Drop-by once to experience the pretty look of the place.

Taste: Good. They have almost nailed their flavors and the food tastes delicious. A few changes as per individuals palate or requirement would make the ‘cake’s icing look perfect’.

Food Variety: Positive. Short, simple and sounds appetizing. It’s good that they didn’t overload with varieties.

Quantity: Positive. The portion size feels sumptuous for a sharing among 2-3 people. Though we few food portions were exclusively altered for us so we could taste more.

Quality: Good. Loved the ingredients used; the bread, oil, veges or meat used were delicious. They stole the presentation too.

Service & Pricing: Good. We were definitely pampered being a meet. Even then they seem to be prompt with their service. Pricing, I would tag as ‘Value for Money’.

My Favorite Dishes: Bruschetta, Margherita, Quattro Formaggio, Creole spiced French Fries and Desserts.

So the verdict! A mesmeric ambience with lip-smacking dishes calls for a dreamy meal-time. Their food’s taste and quality is alluring. You shall feel coddled through the service. And for the complete experience, it’s totally worth what you pay.

P.S. The write-up is based on my food palate & dining experience during my restaurant visit. On-the-house bloggers invite for tasting session. Remember, no two person’s palate can be same.

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