Rhythm of Melancholy

As I enter the field
I was taken aback
Ban Jallikattu
Seeing the sweltering onlookers
gathered in huge sum
to pounce over me
to prove their might
in the name of sport
in the name of culture
in the name of tradition
Ban Jallikattu
I was stabbed and jabbed
With fist and knuckles
My tails twisted, sometimes bitten
My ankles broken, even crushed
Ban Jallikattu
I was even jumped over and
Dragged down on the floor
I took a mad dash
On my way out
Piercing down the crowd
Ban Jallikattu
Hoping for it to get over soon...
Hoping for it to get over soon...
Rhythm of Melancholy Rhythm of Melancholy Reviewed by Gowthama Rajavelu on 13:07 Rating: 5


  1. Some weird customs we have!
    Well written.

  2. This is merciless. Where is Peta? I think when it comes to our traditions, we allow every kind of nonsense. Moving poem.

  3. Your poem is like a bull in a China shop...pun intended!!!Loved and let live!

    1. Only difference is the bulls are the people and the China shop is the bull!

  4. Oh poor thing.. I thought Jallikattu was the event where they run the oxens through the fields. This is one is a little sad for the oxens :(

  5. Sad but it's very hard to make people understand.

  6. Aha..and we say we have sixth sense, huh!? And..oh yes! We rush people who are hurt to the hospital, some even die..and we blame " all because of the bull".. what a drama!? Well written poem..strickes hard on the nail!

  7. A touchy one, truth described very nicely, some things need change.


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