Myths surrounding Ozone layer depletion...

Come on guys, it's party time, yet again. It was Krishna last time and now it's Mr. Bal Ganesh. Be it a delectable homemade sweets and savories, cheerful time with your loved ones, divine offerings to the idols, these festivals has it all. It's all about enjoyment, happiness and peace. Isn't it?

Anyway, this post is neither about festive season nor about the lip-smacking sweet or savories. That part will be covered by my sweet wife under foodie tag. She handles it well, actually. See for yourself.

Alright, let me come to the point. This piece is about Ozone layer, pertaining to the Ozone day being followed on September 16 designated by United Nations for its preservation.
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Ozone Depletion

Ozone layer is one of an important layer present in the stratospheric region, stratopause to be specific. It acts as a protective shield absorbing most of the Sun's Ultra Violet (UV) radiation, ultimately protecting the life existing on Earth. We, humans, are a part of the LIFE existing on this earth being nurtured and protected by nature (Ozone layer, in this case). We not only respect that but also destroy and deplete the nature, in the name of convenience or lethargy or development or whatever you call it as. Excessive usage of refrigerants leads to the emission of chlorine and bromine containing compounds ultimately depleting the ozone layer. Most of you might have known these information, after all its eight standard geography guys. Hence, I am not going deep into that.

Rather, Ozone layer has been surrounded with some interesting myths. And here comes a few of them.

#1 Body sprays deplete Ozone layer!

This is the most common myth and it is pertaining to the fact that body spray containers is made using aerosols. Aerosols are in no way responsible to ozone layer depletion. In fact, aerosols has cooling effect on earth and there is a concept called Global Dimming. May be, I can come up with a seperate post on that.

#2 Volcanoes are responsible for Ozone layer depletion!

Chlorine compounds from volcanoes and other natural sources are soluble and are washed out of the atmosphere. CFCs, by contrast, are not soluble and are able to reach the stratosphere. A number of studies have shown that the majority of chlorine in the stratosphere comes from man-made chemicals (Rowland, Taubes, Russell et al). Moreover, volcanoes are not exploding on a daily basis ejecting chlorine in atmosphere.

#3 CFCs being heavier than air cannot reach stratospheric region!

Air from the lower atmosphere extending far beyond stratosphere moved as a mass not as an individual molecule. Hence, CFC travels along the hefty wind and reaches the Stratopause where it depletes ozone layer. A number of studies have found that CFCs and the products of their breakdown in the stratosphere (Rowland, EPA).

#4 Ozone layer depletion occurs only in Antarctica!

Nope. It has been measured elsewhere across the globe, not just Antarctica.

#5 Montreal Protocol saved the Ozone layer

Ozone layer's depleting substances has never come down since montreal protocol came into being. You can very well refer NOAA's scientific assessment of ozone depletion: 2010

Myths are good to my concern. Because when there is a myth, there is an opportunity to create awareness. Definitely it's a challenging task but you got to do it.  

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  1. Ha ha.. I wasn't aware of all 5 if these myths Gowtham. He he, they are pretty funny indeed :)..

    Happy Ganesha Chaturthi by the way. For a foodie, it is a delightful day I am sure :)

    1. Thats surprising Vinay that you wasn't heard of these myths. But definitely funny indeed. Thanks for the wishes and wishing you the same.

  2. Very timely and informative. I was not aware of the body-spary myth :-D

    1. Body spray is the most common question in all my lectures Maniparna. I am researching on it's origin :-P Thanks for the compliments.

  3. Nice and Informative post! )

    1. Thanks for dropping by and sharing your comments Rat. Keep visiting and happy blogging :-)

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