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My Rating - 3.5 / 5

I know it is a comedy movie, but I never expected my favourite macho-man Jason Statham to be that hilarious. It was a complete surprise as he seems to have reversed his role in this movie. And as the matter of fact, I have never seen him like this before and was suitably awed by his performance.

Spy is one such shaggy-dog comic movie, where you can just chill out and enjoy, without judging the actual sequences. It was merely a Melissa McCarthy’s show and she has delivered it neat and perfect. In addition to her is the never expected surprise package, Jason whom we have seen as a less-dialogue-more-stunt guy until now has just upturned his role altogether as a freaky spy.

Enough of pre-review talks, lets get started. I rate movies based on four parameters, Story, Screenplay, Music and Performance.

What makes you stay seated?

Obviously the power-pack performances from almost all the actors, lead-actor to be specific. Melissa McCarthy as Susan Cooper has been brilliant throughout the movie. Although she was a fat middle-aged woman, she was beautiful and adoring. With her witty one liners and sparkling expression, she outplays almost everyone in this movie. Jude law as Bradley Fine reprised himself as a flamboyant James Bond-type spy wearing custom-made suits and displays some nerve-racking stunts, though it is minimal. Jason Statham as Rick Ford with his hilarious persona and dialogues was a surefire laugh-generator. His quick manoeuvres were uttered from only via his face this time, thanks to Paul Feig (Director) for his valiant attempt.

Watch out for these scenes as it may act as a spoilsport while crunching a bite.
  1. Fine’s shocking shot at Boyanov's Father at the head just with a matter sneeze.
  2. Susan’s first chasing scene in Paris, especially her bike ride.
  3. Ford’s transformation from a darling to marauder using lots of F** words at the party in Rome.
     Rose Byrne as a sombre villain and Miranda Hart as Susan's easily excited friend add depth to the film too. And last but not the least, our own Nargis Fakhri’s fight scene in the restaurant is the must-watch.   

Paul Feig, known for his Bridesmaid and The Heat, came up with another impressive storyline. Susan Cooper, a fat yet funny CIA desk-bound analyst, vital force behind Bradley Fine’s every dangerous mission volunteer for a deadly mission not just to save the world from deep crisis but also to find justice to her secret love that has gone astray. It is a typical Ian Fleming’s style story rather taken in a comical way.

Another good thing about the story is the depiction of women power in all possible manner. Starting from the heroic and comic cop (Melissa), analyst (Miranda), CIA (Allison Janney), rogue-assassin (Byrne) and even the mercenary (Nargis) is a woman. What more can you expect than this to represent women power?

What would have been better?

The screenplay is one thing that needs a special addition in this movie. Except some witty one-liners, dialogues has not been in the way it is meant to be in this genre of cop movie. Fine’s resurrection was one twist, but I saw it coming earlier as there were no talks about the body after his death. The plot involves some serious investigation process and hence there is scope for improvement in working with sub-plots.

Although, the role of Music is minimal in this movie, it might have been better at least in the chasing sequence. After all to enhance the visual appeal.

My Rating

Story – 4 / 5
Screenplay – 2.5 / 5
Music – 2.5 / 5
Performance – 5 / 5


Come join Susan and experience her hilarious take on unearthing the baddies.

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Spy - Movie Review Spy - Movie Review Reviewed by Gowthama Rajavelu on 15:36 Rating: 5


  1. Its on my list, and I look forward to watching it, judging by the great review that you have done. Many thanks!

    1. Go watch it soon before it runs out of the theatre buddy. And many thanks for the compliments.

  2. I'm definitely gonna watch it. Thanks for the wonderful review :)

    1. Thanks for the nice words Ravish. Watch it and enjoy.

  3. Very intriguing review... have added it to my list... :-)

    1. Thanks for the Compliments Maniparna. Glad you liked it. Watch it and share your review ;-)


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