Horrifying Roller-coaster...!

I Love Theme-parks! Climbing roller-coaster is something that I love all time. As a Kid I waited until the moment my parents would allow me to get into the rides! As I am old-enough, now I make the choice of climbing a ride. And I choose not to when it comes to the 'horrifying roller-coaster', which I got to climb to commute within my city! It is not the one at theme-park, it is the famous 'Tamil Nadu Metropolitan Transport Corporation Bus'.

Yes! our public transport is the worst ride on which I have been on. Especially, those 'Deluxe' (as far as the name goes) buses. From the very moment I get into those bus I hope atleast I should be ALIVE for the money I pay them. Funny-but-pathetic! Really, a pity scenario when it comes to the travellers!

Foremost thing to remember (when you are in the bus), watch your step! Yes, they are so fragile that even a one year old (kid) can break it off. Also, watch what your hand holds on to. Either let it be the chair, where you seat yourself or anything that you hold on to for balance; they are going to be more sensitive than the steps! Just visualize, the screws that need to hold up the chairs are not be found, the chairs and holders that helps you to balance doesn't have enough balance for themselves as they shake a lot more than what belly-dancers can or could.

Never-thought the word 'Deluxe' means unsafe or life-threatening. The normal (white-board) buses, for which I pay less and doesn't have any sophistication feels more safer than the Deluxe. What to blame or whom to blame! The manufacturers or the government or both? There is lot more to think besides what I have written. We pay! Not for any luxurious voyage around the city but for our safety and better commutation that best suits economically for every citizen. Nor we pay for winning any championship! It's even your lives at stake, I mean the lives of the drivers and conductors.

For the citizen's interest, we all need a better and safer transportation for our livelihood and let the roller-coaster stay where they have to!
Horrifying Roller-coaster...! Horrifying Roller-coaster...! Reviewed by Gowthama Rajavelu on 12:27 Rating: 5


  1. I can relate to this experience...the scenario is more or less same all over the country.... :-(

  2. Is it? Now it is more shocking to hear that.. Thanks Maniparna for you comment..

  3. Hope India's and Indians' fate changes very soon.
    I had a very bad experience last evening in deluxe bus.
    Though I've got a seat, I was jumping up and down for almost an hour.

    1. Thank God, you are safe Revathi. Definitely, change has to come. Thanks for sharing your experience with us. Beware of Deluxe buses!


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