At that point I lost myself...!!!

After a long and hectic day in office, I came back home, sat in a chair with a pale face. She came around and saw my condition. She convinced herself that I am in deep stress and in order to make me feel better, starts talking. Initially I didn't respond and maintained my silence. She naturally tries to make me talk whereas I don’t. Finally she asks, “Is there something wrong?” I answered, “Nothing.” She can sense that something is wrong and I am upset. She wonders why I am not sharing anything with her and withholding my opinions. She asks again, “But you look upset. Let’s talk?” 

I answered, “There is nothing to talk here, I am fine!”

“I can very well see your condition and I know you better than anyone. If something is bothering you why can't you just speak out?”

“Look, I said I am fine”

“I am simply trying to work out things, you better speak out so that you can feel secure”

“I am alright. Now can you leave me alone?”

“You never open-up things to me. I feel rejected by you. I don’t believe you love me anymore.”

At this point I lose my temper and begin to speak in terrible language for which I will regret once things gets worse.

As you know, women ‘talks’ to get rid of their stress, depression, explore things and other unknown reasons; Men stop talking and like to stay in ‘silence’ until they work out things themselves. He wants to stay calm, think of the problems, work it out and come up with possible solutions. All these occur only when he is left alone for some time. On the other hand, when a man is silent it is easy for a woman to imagine the worst. She misinterprets his silence depending on how she is feeling on that particular day. She is highly vulnerable to his silence and starts thinking things that is never going to happen (“He hates me, he doesn't love me, he is leaving me forever”).

Women should understand this difference of opinion in the opposite sex. She need not be scared and should realize that when a man is upset, he will hold back talking and remain silent until he obtains the answer.

Girls, this is unquestionably a tough job for you as we all know you arrived from a different world but once you understands this difference, everything will work on your way J.
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  1. Yes Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus :)

    1. Thank you Ravish for reading my post and sharing your opinion.


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