Here is my take on Nolanic Space Adventure INTERSTELLAR

Interstellar movie review

IMDb Rating - 9.1/10

My Rating - 4.8/5

Long wait is over, its Nolan time now. Actually, I have been waiting for this movie around a year. Yes! Its teaser has been released last December. Being an ardent fan of Christopher Nolan what else can you expect from me.

Be it an amazing screenplay or thoughtful storyline or super-amazing visuals, Christopher Nolan does it all. A simple revenge story has been taken to the next level with excellent twist and turns in his movie Memento and a usual super-hero movie has been taken in an unusual manner in his Batman series, The Prestige and Inception added to his likes. Christopher Nolan is an emerging genius in the commercial film making. There is another wizard with him who evokes and induces emotion just by striking chords, guess who? Yes! Hans Zimmer himself.

Alright, enough of pre-review talks, let’s get set off. Basically, I rate movies based on four parameters – story, screenplay, performance and music. Here we go then…

What makes you stay seated?

Well, there are dozens of reasons that make you stay seated throughout the movie. Nolan always comes up with an impressive-still-puzzling story with a Thinline concept. As Revenge is to Memento, Magic is to The Prestige, Dream is to Inception; Time is to Interstellar.

In the near future, Earth’s food resources are getting to an end due to extreme weather events like dust storms, causing a scarcity in food ultimately resulting in drought and famine. By the time, humanity is facing extinction, a bunch of NASA scientist discovers a mysterious split called worm-hole in the space. This paves way for the mankind to continue their existence. A group of space explorers travels beyond our solar system in hunt of a planet that can support life, on the spaceship, Endurance. Cooper, an expert pilot, solves the mystery in the five-dimensional world and makes way for the mankind to live.

For a minute, you will feel as a Space Scientist or Astronomer as the story holds in depth explanations of Quantum Physics. But it was described in such a manner that even a non-science student can comprehend it quickly and appreciate, thanks to screenplay writers Jonathan Nolan and Christopher Nolan for making a complex scientific theory sound easy.

The actual hero of this film is the musical genius, Hans Zimmer himself. His numbers during the docking scene adds value to the nail-biting scene and pushes the viewers towards the edge of the seat. Music is yet another precious one with this movie as it maintains the serenity of the movie throughout.

Interstellar has been cast with strong actors, starting with the Academy-award-winner Matthew McConaughey along with Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain, Michael Cain and the most famous, my personal favourite Jason Bourne (aka) Matt Damon. You know about their performance, and then I don’t have anything to add further on that.

What would have been better?

Honestly, I couldn’t find any reason to quote here. Personally, I couldn’t understand that five-dimensional and three-dimensional theory as it was really perplexing. Other than that, everything went along with the movie superbly creating a ‘WOW’ feel.

Bottom Line

Went in as a common man and came out with a feel of Space Scientist. Funny but true!
Watch it to experience it!

My Ratings

Story - 5/5
Screenplay - 4.5/5
Performance - 4.5/5
Music - 5/5
Here is my take on Nolanic Space Adventure INTERSTELLAR Here is my take on Nolanic Space Adventure INTERSTELLAR Reviewed by Gowthama Rajavelu on 19:26 Rating: 5


  1. Good review..! surely wanna watch dis movie...!

  2. Nice review Gowthama..I've read a couple of reviews and they have given it a high ranking too..looks like a must watch...

    1. It is a MUST watch Maniparna. Thanks for you comment.

  3. Superb review and I am a Christopher Nolan fan and an ardent follower too! I generally do not paste back links but this one i have to

    1. I went through your article last night Shwetha, was very nice and sharp. You missed Following and Insomnia in your list, may be you didnt see or you didnt like it. But the fact is, he started ruling the industry right from his first movie. Nolan is the creative genius.

  4. Well Dear........... INTERSTELLAR Rocks :)

  5. Well written review.. I hated the movie though !


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