No Pain and Get Gained...!

Ortho prevails as a major glitch nowadays which stands second competing with heart disease. Knee or leg deformity, heroic, lead the ortho cause which is due to the emerging IT revolution. These deformity can be cured by the total knee replacement procedure called arthroplasty – replacement of one end of bone with metal. 

Increase in IT job decreases the person to use his feet. The person ageing between 25 and 40 lead a luxurious life not much concerned about the consequences, which they could face in the later part of their life that is osteoarthritis (inflammation of joints or degeneration of connective tissues). It has three stages and the third stage is the severe one which cannot be cured by conservative treatment or medications but can be cured by surgical procedure called arthroplasty.

What is arthroplasty?

It is an operating procedure that consists of replacement of lower end of thigh bone (femur) or upper end of leg bone (tibia). This is a latest procedure carried out by the ortho-surgeon.

“The only operation procedure which makes the patient walk right from the day after the operation”, says Dr. A. Syelesh, physiotherapist. “The medical team will monitor the patient, his walking style and problems”, he adds. This is what the reason behind the success of arthroplasty.

Instructions for patients 

 Should not cross. 

 Should sit only in chair. 
 Should latrine only in commodes. 
 Developing a habit of walking (fast)

People shouldn't get panic if they find bow legs or crossed legs। They should consult the nearest Physiotherapist for the active treatment. 

No pain no Gain” – this is the old saying, “No pain and get gained” – this is the arthroplasty’s saying.
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