Massu (aka) Masilamani - Movie Review

Masss Movie Review
Massu - Movie review

My Rating - 3/5

Summer is at its peak with scorching temperature literally melting people down here in Chennai. Just to get rid of it, I booked a ticket for the movie ‘Massu’ in my ever favourite Escape Cinemas (Satyam Cineplex). Satyam Cineplex simply transformed the movie watching experience in Chennai with its dynamic interiors and periphery, which was a retreat for every moviegoer.

Massu (aka) Masilamani is a light-hearted spooky commercial cocktail filled with all spicy elements to please the audience. Surya after having quite a disastrous show in his previous edition came back strongly with a noteworthy performance joining hands with his old friend Venkat Prabhu, who is known for his experimentation with genres.

Let’s get started. As you know, this review is all about story, screenplay, music and performances.

What makes you stay seated?

Venkat-Yuvan duo combination strikes a cord yet again as MUSIC is a heavyweight in this movie. Yuvan with his rollicking background score not only elevate the visuals but also the fame of the lead man and make the movie sound ‘MASS.’ Poochandi and Piravi is a valuable addition to the album. The Former, a tribute to Michael Jackson, is an enjoyable version with quirky beats and toning moves from Suriya. The latter is a serious one with poignant line, which increases the emotional quotient of the movie. Venkat should be lauded for creating a magic by integrating some interesting visuals along these songs.

Venkat Prabhu’s movies were known for its attractive casting with remarkable PERFORMANCES and the formula worked well in Massu as well. Perhaps, what would you expect with the likes of Suriya, Parthiban, Samuthrakani, Premji, Nayanthara, Karunas, Sreeman and so on. Suriya, who had a disastrous show in his previous outing just came back strongly with a neat yet entertaining performances in this movie. His dance moves, magical charm, romantic screen presence and furious action were just energetic and astounding. Samuthrakani as a real estate don simply terrify the viewers with his daring one liners and expressions. Parthiban and Premji known for their witty dialogue delivery entertain the audience on a timely basis. Nayanthara and Praneetha’s gracious screen presence creates magic. However, I feel a matured actor like Nayanthara could have been used better.

The STORY is an another one that makes you stay seated throughout as it is quite new to Tamil audience. Massu aka Masilamani (Suriya) and Jetli (Premji) are two con-men who make their living out of petty thieves. After a weird accident, Massu attains some special power of seeing and speaking with ghost/spirits and must decide whether to act on their advice. Whether he uses his special powers for his own benefit or for a good cause makes the rest of the movie with some twists and turns.

What would have been better?

The plot itself has so many elements to experiment to keep the audience guessing. Instead, it was handled in a rather commercial manner with unwanted songs, fight sequence, etc. The SCREENPLAY was a huge let down in this movie, which would have been better. There were quite a few twists in the plot, but wasn’t gripping in order to maintain the suspense. Predictability could have been avoided in the plot, which has a handful amount of exciting elements creating tension.

Adding to the fury is the CG and VFX in the movie, which wasn’t even close. The introduction of the ghost was like a Modern version of an Asian paints advertisement, opening door for improvement.


Massu, despite its technical glitches and commercial elements, is a good watch to please you in this scorching summer.

My Rating

Story – 3/5
Screenplay – 2/5
Music – 3.5/5
Performance – 3.5/5

Watch the official trailer here...

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Massu (aka) Masilamani - Movie Review Massu (aka) Masilamani - Movie Review Reviewed by Gowthama Rajavelu on 17:43 Rating: 5


  1. Great review and thanks for sharing!

  2. The trailer is good and, the hero looks quite handsome... :-P

    Jokes part, a nice review.... :-)

    1. Ha ha ha... He is truly handsome maniparna, only thing he acts too much. Thanks for the compliments ;-)

  3. I'm always a fan of Surya after Gajini. I found him better than Amir. Great review, Gowthama. :)

    1. Ahaa! Seems like Suriya is getting support from non-tamilians as well. Good good! Thanks for the comment Ravish.

  4. I like the what could have been better part instead of a critical review Gowthama. Good going mate :)

    1. Thank you Vinay, for your valuable feedback.

  5. If you want to watch a bad movie visit Satyam Cineplex. That would transform the movie from bad to good.

    1. Exactly Thiruppathi. Btw what movie have you watched in Satyam, just curious.

    2. Not watched any movie in Satyam. Watched Maasu, Read your review. This two made that comment

  6. That's absolutely cool ;-) Try to watch at Satyam someday. You'll love it.


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