Flavours of North and Saturday's DJ Nights at The Flying Elephant, Park Hyatt Chennai

What: Flavours of North and Saturday's DJ Nights at The Flying Elephant (TFE)
Where: Park Hyatt, Velachery Road, Guindy, Chennai
When: 5th August - 14th August, 2016
DJ Nights happen during the weekends and you can find regular updates about their events in their social media pages.

Been here a couple of times and this place doesn't need any introduction. Right from the beautiful ambience to the courteous service and delicious food, they have everything covered and all you need to do is enjoy your meal. So what's new this time is the 'Flavours of North' festival that is happening till the 14th of August, 2016. And guess who as crafted the menu for the festival, Chef Anil Khurana. With almost three decades experience in culinary industry and worked alongside with some national and international hotels, his food is magical.

It was not just the food festival but Pre Friendship day bash with DJ Notorious at TFE. The peppy music and yummy food was perfect to end Saturday night. With bartender making fancy shakes, we kick started with some drinks. I stuck to mocktails and was in love with both the drinks I tried. The Lychee and Orange mocktail is a personal favourite and nevertheless was Kiwi and Mint drink.
The cocktails, Happily Even After with vodka base and Brazilian (signature drink of TFE) seemed like a hit as the glass were emptied by my partner.

Happily Ever After

Their complimentary signature bread, Focaccia is always a favourite. After knowing my interests from the menu, appetisers were decorating the table. Khubani Ka Paneer Tikka, juicy charcoal grilled paneer with surprise stuffing is a delight to the soul that is bored of usual tikkas. The apricot's sweetness and chilli's spiciness in the stuffing blended flawlessly with paneer tikka.

The beauty "Galouti Kebab" with saffron paratha is hard to hate. Rich, flavoursome and effortlessly melts as you grab a bite. It is always a bliss to indulge into this beauty and TFE nails them. I wanted to say 'no more' after the rich kebabs, whereas the Tandoori Jheenga (prawn) infused with mild and delicious yogurt marination is light and refreshing, in absolute love with the prawns.

The drool-worthy Indian curries and breads were flavour burst. I am no new to curries but the taste left me wanting for more and more. Chef Khurana's signature dish they said and I knew why they said so after indulging into that Dal Makhani. Definitely the best I have had so far in Chennai, the buttery richness and creaminess of the lentils is a bliss. Hot steamed rice and some dal makhani, the comfort food I need to soothe my senses.

Succulent slow braised lamb just falls off the bone and mesmerises you with taste. The gravy is a great blend of minced lamb, onion and tomato; the use of two different meat type, packs the dish with rich essence. The Naans and Parathas sang so well with Rarra Gosht.

Reminding me of my mom's fish curry, the Kasuri Machli Masala is subtle in terms of spices and the Mahi Mahi fish is a perfect find for the gravy. With intense hit of fenugreek and tangy tomato base, this is a delicious match for rice.

The flavours of North proved to be rich and sumptuous, still I wanted to end the meal with some sweet. So came the "The Flying Elephant" dessert plate for the day with Mud cake, Almond Macaroon, Fruit Tart and Mango Pop. Soft and chewy macaroon, flaky tart with blow of freshness from fruits and cream and the sticky chocolate mud cake were divinely delicious. The mango pop covered with white chocolate was my partners favourite but I was more keen on "The Flying Elephant" Signature Chocolate Cake.

It definitely is their signature dessert, chocolate indulgence it was. I prefer having it all together, aimlessly pour the chocolate shot on the slice of cake topped with ice-cream and dig into the deliciousness. The bitterness from the chocolate shot, ice-creams sweetness and sticky moist chocolate cake is happiness. There was no sharing and I cleaned off every bit of chocolate.

With an exclusive A La Carte menu for the festival, I started my meal with Indian delicacies and signed off the western way. TFE continues to make me happy with their food and that's all I need.

Breaking Down Points
Location & Parking: At the start of the road that connects Guindy and Velachery. With valet parking and gigantic presence, it is hard to miss the glittery building.  
Ambience: Positive. Elegance. The DJ nights set the partying mood.
Food Variety: Positive. Varieties were ample for the festival, their usual A La Carte menu is a default hit.
Taste: Positive. Ok! I am saying it, 'flawless'. I couldn't fault much cause I truly enjoyed the taste of everything that was on my plate.
Quality & Quantity: Positive. The pick of ingredients and in-depth flavours vouch for their quality. Also the presentation and portion size is perfect for two.
Service: Positive. They will make you feel at home, huge applause for a great service.
Price: NA. Expensive. A meal for two would cost Rs.4000 INR (plus taxes with drinks) approx. Going by my previous and overall dining experience, I would vouch for every penny paid.   

So my Verdict!
The Flying Elephant, Park Hyatt Chennai has brought down the flavours of North with some mouth-watering food, from Chef Anil Khurana's kitchen, in addition to their all time delicious menu. The festival is on till 14th of August, 2016. And do check their DJ nights if you are someone who loves to dance.

For Reservation and queries, call 044 30925910. Check their social media pages for regular updates.  

Chef Anil Khurana

TFE team, who craft those delicious food.

P.S. On-the-house blogger table for Flavours of North festival, the food and taste experience is subject to the festival alone. Remember, no two person's palate can be same.  
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