Let's Beat the Heat, My Top Summer Food Destinations at Chennai

Summer, Autumn, Winter and Rainy were the seasons my geography lessons taught me but do you know what my life at Chennai teach me. Listen carefully and memorise them, the seasons of Chennai are "Hot, Hotter and Hottest", with some rain now and then. Yes, there are rainy days but for which the mother nature should go under depression. The two common things between nature and me is depression and droplets; I cry when I am depressed and it rains when the nature is under depression. Setting aside the rainy days, it's always tough to tackle the summer. The heat burns me down into ashes if not physically atleast mentally.

So my immediate summer pleasure is anything that comes out of a freezer i.e. anything cold (a chilled drink or an ice cream). You know the heat waves are at its peak, when you start to see vendors selling lemon soda, tender coconut, ragi (finger millet) porridge, etc. Besides these thirst quenchers, ice-creams and shakes are my favourite picks to "beat the heat". There are ice-cream parlours and juice shops at every street corner but there is always a favourite; these are the places I get reminded off when I want to quench my thirst. And when favourites come with delicious taste and affordable price it's a bonanza.

I always have some personal picks when it comes to food and here's my five favourite places at which I loved eating this summer. If you are anywhere near this area and hoping for a place to chill your senses then do give these places a try. To beat the heat let's have something cold.

Here goes the list:
Madurai Vilakuthoon Hanifa Jigarthanda
I can't think of a better place to soothe my jigarthanda cravings. One of the best jigarthanda I have had in Chennai. The homemade ice cream, jigarthanda and falooda are must try.

Address: North Usman Road, Next to Joyalukkas, T.Nagar
Opening Hours: 11AM - 10 PM
Budget for 2: Rs.150 INR

Bombay Kulfi
Tasty kulfi in sticks and circles. They keep you bombarded with new flavours and you shall not be bored after multiple visits. The Malai Kulfi, Tender Coconut and Chilli Guava is must try. They are now delivering throughout Chennai via Genie App (additional delivery charges).

Address: 1st Main Road, Shastri Nagar, Adyar
Opening Hours: 11 AM - 11 PM
Budget for 2: Rs. 200 INR

Anmol Lassiwala
The humongous glass of Kesar Lassi will refresh you in no time. A single glass of the lassi costs Rs.140 INR, costly but worth it.
And you should also try the badam milk at Sowcarpet, which is available at most shops.

Address: Mint Street, Sowcarpet (right next to Kakada Ramprasad)
Opening Hours: 11 AM - 10 PM
Budget for 2: Rs. 300 INR

Jai Ice Creams
The fresh homemade ice creams and juices are a delight. One of the oldest joints in Chennai and priced extremely cheap. Parcels are allowed only for bulk quantities.

Picture Courtesy - Zomato
Address: Choolaimedu High Road, Choolaimedu
Opening Hours: 9 AM - 11 PM
Budget for 2: Rs. 200 INR

Kalathi Paper Mart
A glass of rose milk and you are ready to face the sun. They also sell other flavoured drinks.  

Picture Courtesy - The Hindu
Address: South Mada Street, Mylapore
Budget for 2: Rs. 40 INR (approx.)

The list shall be never-ending and Chennai owns ample places that shall make you happy this summer but these are the top five places that flashed across my mind when I thought of summer or chilled delights. Also, this is the time you shall be flooded with watermelons, mangoes, tender coconut, nungu (toddy palm), muskmelons and lemons so don't forget to eat them.

It's hot outside, so are you staying inside or getting out and beating the heat? Until the next one, Happy summer and happy eating!

P.S. The joints I have listed are my personal favourites as well I have only mentioned the places that I have tried eating. Plus the budget for two is based on my experience at the place. Remember, no two person's palate or experience can be same.
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