Beauty of love is within...!

Love, idyllic in thought and deeds, is with each and everyone even with animals. In fact, few animal lovers, scientists and philosophers says that the animal love is immense and picturesque when compared with our sixth sense love. This picture is a perfect example to coincide with my words. A frog tries to migrate to a much safer place in order to withstand the deluge with a frog-let in his back. Despite all the struggles it tries to hold its baby with utmost care which intensifies its care and affection. 

Beauty of love is within...! Beauty of love is within...! Reviewed by Gowthama Rajavelu on 18:34 Rating: 5


  1. No words for this feeling..... Greatest capture!

  2. Sometimes it seems like animals have a better understanding of what love means.

    1. You are are absolutely right, we people think as if we are superior to every other creatures whereas it is not. Thanks for your comment!


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